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Going viral with social media

Going viral with social media

You may have tried to get your site or article, whatever to go viral on social media, or seen the many trends on Twitter that go viral in minutes, you could have had the best damn resource ever but if you don’t get the right people on your site you wont get anywhere!
So what tips are there to going viral through social media?

1.  Get your message/title right, especially with Twitter, but generally it needs to be short, memorable and easy to understand

2.  Make your message exciting, if people don’t find it exciting they wont click through to find out more.

3.  Make friends with Journalists, A LOT of journalists are on Twitter

4.  Send your site/article/video to news publications, if they don’t know it exists and even if they do, you need to tell them you want them to publish it otherwise they wont know!

5.  Identify a hashtag or a “buzz word” that people can identify with your viral compaign

6.  Follow up on emails to journalists and blog owners

7.  Make friends with blog owners on Twitter/facebook, share links with them, write guest posts for them.

8.  Use viral sharing scripts such as Videomate, Viralmate, RaffleCopter, Quipol, to capture likes/shares/votes.

9.  Follow people that RT a lot with Tweepi (you can sort them by different stats).

10.  Try to think about what gets people passionate, where can you find those people, maybe people really like saving money and you have come up with a new way for businesses to promote their products and customers to save at the same time.

11.  Think about what people would want to share with their followers/friends and where to find them, when contacting news publications think about how to get your message across to them so that they would think, hmm my audience would like that, I might share that with them.

12.  Why would people share your news? Do they look cool to their friends because they showed them something amazing?

13.  Install a social reader on your website, (this works really well) it will automatically tell friends on Facebook what people

have been reading on your website as recommendations/trending articles, a friend then clicks to read themselves, and it snowballs.



Remember to cosy up with people, it really works, just work your way in there, journalists are the key to news publications and people who tend to RT and share news are often found in those sorts of places.  Remember to say things like “Look forward to hearing from you”, at the end of emails.

Make friends with Journalists, they are the key to the traffic.

Look out for social plugins for your websites.


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.