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How Do I Choose a Good Domain?

How Do I Choose a Good Domain?

The domain is what people will use to get to your site, and it is important that you have a domain that identifies with your websites content, and brand.

It is ideal that you domain includes at least one keyword related to your market, to help with SEO, and to help people understand what your website is about.  However this is not essential.  A memorable and short domain can be just as valuable.

A keyword in a domain might be “technology”  so we might have a domain “technologyrabbit”.  Our main SEO benefit here is the keyword “technology” not rabbit.  This should help google to understand that our site is about technology. And help to better our rankings.

You might decide to have a “Exact Domain”  So this might something that someone might search for exactly. “learnabouttechnology”.  For example.  Someone might search “where can i learn about technology” Well half of this phrase includes our domain so we should be one of the first sites to appear in the rankings.

We want a domain which includes keywords that people might be searching for.

Try to choose a memorable domain, one that is short and catchy.  But one that aims to include a keyword, not only for search engines, but for people to easily identify what your website is about.

What domain type should I have?

The best types are .net .org and .com and these will usually rank higher then other lower value domains.  It does not really matter too much which, however .com will usually rank better then the others.  .info are fairly low quality domains.


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.