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How Do I Decide On A Niche For My Website?

How Do I Decide On A Niche For My Website?

How do I decide on a niche for my website?

As an experienced blogger who is dedicated to helping fellow bloggers along the path, I have encountered many newbies asking the same question: How do I decide on a niche for my website? To anyone who is experienced in blogging, web mastering, internet marketing or other types of website activities, this is a rhetorical question at best. But to put it politely, it is quite easy. In fact, only a few easy steps are required to solve this mystery.

Step 1: Find Your Passion

In order to figure out which niche you should choose for your website you first need to ask yourself this question: What is your favorite subject? Remember that a niche is a subject your website focuses on. But you can’t just choose any subject out of a hat as your niche or that would just be boring. Any real blogger will tell you that blogging is about expressing what you love and that’s where your favorite subject comes in. It would also help if you are an expert of that subject since people are willing to read your blog for critical information.

Step 2: Decide On Your Aim

Picking a niche also depends on what you plan to use it for. Just ask yourself these questions: What kind of website are you making (affiliate marketing, store, tutorial, news, entertainment, blogging, etc)? Are you planning to make money off of your niche? Or perhaps you’re just in it for the sake of blogging? The answer will help you discover what you really want out of your niche and how to implement it for your website.

Step 3: Do The Research

Finding and implementing a niche for your website is one thing, but making it work is another. Regardless of what you plan to use your niche for you still need to know exactly where that niche stands in the competitive blogging market. That’s where the research comes in. Your niche will require specific keywords to bring in the traffic and you need to use a keyword analytic tool to tell you exactly what those keywords can do; competition, search rates, etc. I advise you to use Google Keyword Tool because its free and accurate. Besides keywords you also have to look at your competitors’ websites to see what makes them successful. If they have the same niche but have better traffic, page rank, and revenue, wouldn’t you want to know what their secret is? It wouldn’t hurt to borrow that success; copy their niche’s success and turn it into your niche’s success. As underhanded as it sounds this is a competitive market and you shouldn’t hold back. Your niche needs it.


Follow these steps and you will find that niche that works wonders for you.

Written by Ryan

Ryan was born in Barbados and grew up with a pen in one hand and a paper in the other. He strives to be a journalist one day and spends his time molding his talent with blogging, freelance writing and learning. Ryan also dreams of a career in gaming and wants to use his talent for writing as a vehicle that will get him there.

  • Stephen

    Very inspiring article Ryan.

    Yes. follow your passion every time.

    Bill Gates is a great example, where his passion was programming, but he was always looking for ways to align his passion with creating wealth.

    So if everyone follows their passion with one eye, whilst learning how to make money from it with the other eye, they will all do very well.

    I have some experience of doing this before and I can tell you, it really does work. :)