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+1 your site – How Google Plus can help you

+1 your site – How Google Plus can help you

Does your business have an online presence on Google Plus? Many months ago, Google posted numbers that placed the social network as the #2 social network. Have you seen the list of social networks? It looks like this:


Get found when your customers are looking

People and pages show up in a Google search. People can find popular and engaging Google+ profiles and pages on the right hand side of results when relevant to their search. For specific searches, such as the name of a popular band, the search results might show the band’s Google+ page, imagine how that can integrate into your business. If people search for your name, your page will display your activity and can provide further confidence in you.


This feature requires eligibility, however. You have to have a business page on Google Plus, you have to build an engaging following, and post content regularly.


Be a part of a community

Communities allows you to create or join a group focused around a central theme where users can ask questions, discuss topics, share projects and resources, etc. Depending on how you utilize these Communities, you can interact with industry leaders and build up a larger following to showcase your work, and potentially build a source of references and resources. It’s also a great resource for help.

Another great feature of communities is, the more content you attribute to, the more people value you. They will +1 your comments and share your knowledge with the people in their feeds, which extends your reach.

Communication with your team or clients

I recently had the pleasure of experimenting with the Hangout feature in Google Plus. Having spent a lot of time with web conferencing software such as Adobe Connect, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, and others, I’m impressed! It allows free, face to face communication with groups of people. You have the ability to share docs, chat and even share your screen. This can be especially helpful if you’re running a remote team or working with contractors because you can collaborate and share ideas easily in real time. It’s also helpful, of course, to have face to face meetings with Clients. It’s important to have this relationship with them, that way you’re not just an email address to them.

From customer appreciation events to feedback sessions, Hangouts make it easy to reach out and talk with people (and easy for them because they can be remote). You can even record your hangout for later viewing.

Finding Clients

People using Google Plus Local search will likely find your listing, read your posts and have the option of adding you to their circles. If they like what you have to offer and start to feel excited, the hope is they will in turn tell their friends and you will get more followers.

Google Plus Local

But what about Facebook?

Of course, you should also have and maintain a Facebook page for your business. The difference is having a Facebook page and claiming your Google Plus Local page for your business lies in reach and future projections. Google is everywhere, and is a preferred method of search for most people. Experts are predicting that as Google’s integrated properties blossom, It will become as powerful as Facebook.

Download a free guide for Google Plus

The folks at Google created a nice getting started guide with a collection of guides, tools and success stories to help businesses dive into Google Plus easily. You’ll find best practices for growing your audience, a style guide for promoting your Google+ page, key tools for engaging your followers, and a look at how others have used Google+ to build their brands and inspire their fans and customers. Download the guide from Google.


Are you on Google Plus? Share your profile or business page for the rest of the Young Web Builder community so you can start spreading the word and help grow your business in the comments below.

Written by Steve

Steve is a freelance web designer, technologist, educator, Adobe Certified Expert and friend from the San Francisco bay area. He is a incessant seeker of knowledge and tirelessly thinks about how he can make things better. You can learn more about him on his website, or by following him on Twitter: @scribblesteve