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How to build a monster opt-in list of 10K+ Fast

How to build a monster opt-in list of 10K+ Fast

Now, we are always talking about maths here.

If you want to build a list of say 10K subscribers and you estimate a 20% conversion, then you will need to send 50K unique visitors to your opt-in page in order to achieve 10K subscribers.

So, now we have a plan of how many unique visitors you need, you now need to identify where you are going to get them from.

So you find an advertising network that offers CPM advertising. CPM means you pay a certain amount of money for 1000 visitors to your pages.

So lets say you find an advertiser who offers to send 1000 visitors to your opt-in page in return for $4.

So the maths is this.

I need 50K visitors to build an opt-in list of 10K. – suggests 20% optin conversion. (this rate is dependent on how good your offer and title is of course and how relevant it is to your site visitors)

Every 1000 visitors costs me $4

For 50K visitors i need to pay (50k / 1K * $4)

So, i need to spend $200 to acquire 10K subscribers to my email list.

Now, this is only a calculation and much depends on a number of other factors, but this gives you some idea how the big guys do it and i recommend it to you.

Once you have a 10K opt-in list you are good to go to start pushing other value and offers to your list and you will start generating an income from your list so long as you push relevant offers. Also, if you have on-page advertising on your site, you will also gain additional income from people clicking on your ads.

Also, never stop at 10K subscribers, keep investing in building your list and get beyond 100K.

Many of the top internet marketers have millions of subscribers on their list and they are able to generate a full time income and more from it.



Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.

  • OIiver

    The fact of the matter is, you lay money down you get something back. This is simple maths. Providing that you have an opt-in page that sells then it should work on most websites providing you have a large enough market.

    We shall be discussing opt-in forms soon :)

    We will also be discussing what you can promote that is relative to your opt-in mailing list.

  • Adrienne Drews

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