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How to build a reviews website

How to build a reviews website

How to build a reviews website.

It is a very popular model for a website, a review site is one of the easiest websites to build.
Essentially you need a market, a product range, for example: Books.

So you want to have a good understanding and passion for what you are going to be reviewing.
You should start off with your own personal collection, find or build a theme for a CMS which
allows you to display blog style reviews, this is a common display style, to present
the reviews in posts down the page.
Now you know what you want to review, you should have a logo, domain and hosting and have set up
your blogging platform. This is most ideal to use a blog/cms platform rather then building a static
website using dreamweaver or something similar. Since the idea of a review site is to review
regular products/services. It does not have to be too frequent, just try to stick with what
you enjoy, you should write with authority. People want to trust your reviews.

What type of reviews do your audience want? Simple ones that display the important information?
Or in-depth ones? Who would be reading your reviews ideally? What type of person are they? Are
they likely to read regular reviews?

So, we have our site set up, we’ve put a few reviews up from our personal collection, from our knowledge.
It is advised that you decide early on what you want to stick with.
Review sites can feature news, however news should be regular and consistent. Reviews do not need to be
as consistent, you review in your own time, whereas the idea of news, obviously is to regularly update people.
So it is important to stick with a plan.
Keep google happy, produce regular content, ideally one review every 3-7 days depending on the market.
Try to find like-minded people online who want writing experience to write reviews as-well.

Always send your reviews to Press representatives for the publication/product.
It does not matter how positive the review is. They may post a link to your review on their website.
The more reviews you have, the more links back to your site you may get.
You may find your self listed amongst authority reviewers in your market.

You can find press contacts at the bottom of press releases around the web, or in contact pages on company websites.
Either way, someone can point you in the right direction if you contact a representative of the company.

So you want to send the press representatives your reviews. Find directorys that list review sites, add yourself.
Find sites that share lists of reviews and ask to be added.

Now once you have a few quality reviews and pages indexed in google you can start to request review copies.
Depending on the market, you might need anything from 20-100 quality reviews/posts on your website before you
should even think about contacting companies for review copies.

Just remember that it is normal to request review copies for free, even better if the service/product is digital.
Common products/services are games, make-up, music albums, films, apps, books.

Go to events, meet other reviewers/bloggers, build relationships, get to know the people in your market.
You should find yourself building trust and getting sent lots of lovely review products!
Just remember:

Understand your market (How do they want to receive my reviews)
Understand what you want to write about (Do you want to write opinion pieces? News? Debates? Tutorials?)
Send your coverage to PR people

Good Luck!

See you in the forum if you want any help! Or reply here.


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.