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How to build and manage a team using forums like YWB

How to build and manage a team using forums like YWB

99.9% of teams put together on the Internet  are not sustainable long term. This statistic is not so much fact, as a way of emphasising how difficult it is for teams to evolve and be maintained on-line.

So, to best understand why developing sustainable business relationships is so difficult on-line we have to first look at the nature of human interaction on-line.

Firstly, the majority of relationships on-line are with people you don’t know. In fact it gets worse than that, because many of the relationships are with people who don’t even present in a human way. By this i mean to say, people use aliases, rather than there real name. Many people fake their age, the country of origin and their true intentions. These disguises are further perverted by an electronic layer, which obscures who people really are ever more greatly.

So, when people come together on-line, what you end up with is a gathering of people, some of which are being open and honest about who they are and what their intentions are and many who are neither open nor honest.

So the first job in building a team is to filter out the people who are using aliases. Then filiter out the people who have mot completed their profiles fully. Then filter out the people who don’t fit in with your team demographic. By team demographic, I mean to say “the age, country of origin and interests you require of team members”.

Once you applied the filters mentioned above you then need to contact those people who match your target demographic and vet them still further to see of they meet your requirements.

This has been a short explanation of how you approach building managing a team, using forums like YWB, don’t rush into things, by all means give people a chance but don’t make assumptions, also be careful not to judge people in a negative way as this can have numerous effects.

Often there is no point if you can’t pay people in saying, well I might be able to give you this and that.  You need to think about what their interests are and how working voluntarily instead of for “pittance” would appeal to them, maybe they want experience, to build a portfolio or maybe they like being part of projects.

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Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.