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How To Build Your Own Twitter Fanpage

How To Build Your Own Twitter Fanpage

Ok, so Stephen has used this in the past to sell music concert tickets to fans of different rock bands.

So its all pretty simple.

People love rock bands, or pretty much any music.

They love to follow their favorite band, artist musician, whatever. (Filmstar, Game franchise)

Whether it be U2 or Kylie Minogue matters not, because they love these people and want to follow the latest news about them.  Now Twitter is a big place for celebrities.  Twitter is a place for technology, and twitter is a place for media and celebrity culture, and is constantly frequented with news and scandal.   Fans love to tweet about their favourite band/celeb.  Now, as a marketer who want to make money on Twitter, you need to go where the conversation is and more importantly where people are passionate about their interest.  You want to be using anything that will get your followers engaged, Get people to RT (RT if you love U2) Or such. (RT if you are a kylie fan!!!! @kyliefansuk)

So here is what you need to do.

  1. Create a new twitter account.
  2. Call it something like “U2FanzUK”, or something like that.
  3. Create a background all about your favorite band/celeb
  4. Go to and search for U2, or Sunday Bloody Sunday… pretty much anything about your favorite band/celeb etc.
  5. Now follow all the people who are talking about your favorite band/celeb
  6. OR…… use and follow the fans of U2, or other fanpages. These will all be targeted.  Please see Unfollow those that don’t follow back within a week, and repeat.


Signup for google alerts, this will give you all the latest information on your favorite band/celeb

Enter keywords in there that are relevant to your favorite band/celeb.

Now when these alerts start coming into your inbox, tweet this news to your followers

Your followers will read the latest news on in your fan page and comment or even retweet.

Keep this going for a couple of weeks.

People like images, they like scandal, they like competitions, they like gossip. (Even gamers like gossip, ok, so you might think its teenage girls with posters all on their walls, but gamers and tech heads are all up for gossip too.)

  1. Now find a affiliate program that sells concert tickets or merchansise related to your band/celeb has a good one (not tickets though :( )
  2. Go to google and type something like U2 affiliate programme or Kylie Minogue or, “concert tickets”. Find a company you like, and look for their affiliate programme.
  3. Signup to become an affiliate where you will get your own affiliate link (these can be masked with short urls)
  4. Basically anyone buying tickets or merchandise through your affiliate link will mean you get a commission for that sale (This also works for new games, technology (applefans) (HTCfans) (AndroidFans) etc….


So now you are tweeting news to your followers of your band/celeb fanpage

After every 20 news tweets, you tweet an offer of concert tickets or merchandise, including your affiliate link. (Note if you are a constant tweeter then obviously not too frequent, that your followers are getting an affiliate link too many times in one day)


Now, as you build up your followers and tweet afiliate links, you will start picking up commissions.

It’s slow at first but a good buddy of mine is clearing $5k a month in Argentina.

(For those that do not like the idea of making money from your idol, a celebrity.  It’s little different to writing for a newspaper, magazine, where you are writing about celebrities whom you idolize.  Why shouldn’t you get something back from your hard work and time spent supporting your favourite celebrity?)

So give it a try and post here how you got on, or if you want any further advice.


Good Luck!


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • xMog

    I must say that I run a celebrity Website and your technique is probably more focused on one person in particular and not a group of person (like on my Website). Of course, you’ll get less followers if you make a fan twitter account about one group, but it’ll be more targeted and you’ll get more clicks. It’s a great idea to make money out of it.

    Anyway, I kind of use a part of this technique to get followers and find tweets, but it’s a little more automatic on some points. But I don’t make money from it. It’s basically to get followers and drive traffic to my Website (so far, I’m mostly getting followers. I’ll add links to my Website soon to try to get more traffic).

    Instead of using Google Alert, which can be slow, I made a program myself that checks a long list of RSS from blogs and news Websites. When the name of a celebrity is found within the text or the title of a post, the program “grabs” it.

    Then I end up with a long list of posts. I select manually the posts that I want to keep with an admin module that I also made. It’s just to filter the “crap” and I also get the same news a lot of times from different sources, so I just choose one of the same news.

    Then I export the list of news. It’s basically the title of the post and the link to the Website. Those are my Tweets I’m going to make for the day. Remember, I have 300-400 persons on my Website, so I get from 20 to 150 news per day. If you make that for one person, you’ll have less news to focus on of course.

    • OIiver

      Thats very true that you will have less news, however. The idea of running multiple ones in your interest is a good idea. It’s also important to note that this is not just for celebrity but could be used for films, games etc.. Anyway, a lot of the buzz on twitter, with celebrity anyway, seems to be a female dominated domain, whereby you need to get into that mindset of “RT if you love …..” “RT to be added to ….. Lovers”. Etc..
      Thanks for the comment!

  • Stephen

    Hi xMog, Thanks for your constructive remarks on this strategy. We’d love to try your news tool out and maybe edit our post to recommend your tool to our members, rather than using Google Alerts. We are always testing the strategies, tactics and tools we suggest to readers and if you’d like to work with us to test this strategy out further, you can find us in the forum.

  • xMog

    @Stephen I would love to share my app but it’s really not usable by non programmers right now. It’s not user friendly at all, a lot of stuff is hard coded and there’s no GUI…

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