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How to compete with your competitors

How to compete with your competitors

So we have already discussed this a little already, however I wanted to put down some points and tips for you to take away which may give you some ideas as to how to get ideas from your competitors and how to steal some of their market!

We do not want to spend too much time trying to be like our competitors, in-fact we don’t want to be like our competitors, but it may help us to understand and get inspiration from our competitors.

So let’s get started:

Competitor analysis:  We can analyse our competitors, see what they are doing, and see how we can do it differently.  There is a PDF guide which we have produced which goes into some detail about this and how to perform competitor analysis: Which you can find here.

Getting article/content ideas from your competitors:  This does not have to be something that you use against your competitors, it could even be something that you compliment your competitors with.  It is not always the case that you have to be against your competitors, sometimes you can work together to boost each other.    It can sometimes be helpful to look over the articles that had a large response on your competitors website.  Getting article ideas.  See what your competitors are talking about and see how you can relate that to your audience.  How can you make it better? How can you make it different?

Look at where your competitors are marketing:

Thankfully for us we can pretty much see everything our competitors are doing to market themselves.  We can use Google, or backlink checkers to see where they are getting backlinks which may help their rankings.  It may benefit you to place a link back on the same websites not for the eye of the reader, but for Google.  By looking at where your competitors are marketing you can get an idea of what you might need to do to get certain recognition online and what is also possible in your market and who is interested in talking about you.

Be different to your competitors:

There can be many reasons that your competitors are big and making lot’s of money.  But it is not often a good idea to try to replicate them, try to be different and people will appreciate you for what you have to say not for what your competitors have to say.

What are your competitors not doing?  What can you offer to a similar audience that they are not offering?  Just because they might be large does not mean they can do everything.  Sometimes being too large can stop you from seeing things in a certain way.

Profile your audience:

Find out who your audience is, who their audience is, how big is the market?  How much demand is there for the market?  How dedicated are the followers of your competitors?  What could you to do take some of their user-base away from them?  What could you do to get noticed in the market?  How can you make your audience interested in you over your competitors?  What is so good about your product/service?

Find out what they are not doing:

Are your competitors lacking in certain areas?  Do they not have a large social media presence?    Do they have poor SEO?  Perhaps you could beat them in the search engines, or perhaps they do not produce videos?  Maybe their website is complex and this puts people off.

Be Specific:

Do not try to offer what everyone else is offering, find something specific that you can offer, and stick to it.  People don’t appreciate when you are trying to be someone else, or if you do not have a unique identity, people like clarity and to find things quickly.

I hope this gives you a few ideas as to how to compete with your competitors.  Remember often you do not need to directly compete, as being different to your competitors could mean you have crafted your very own market.

Remember to research your competitors, see what they do, who is their audience? Who are they targeting and how are they doing it?  What can you learn from them?


Good Luck.  See you in the forum.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.