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How To Create A Website With Moonfruit

How To Create A Website With Moonfruit

In this tutorial you’ll be able to create your very first MoonFruit website. It’s a free ready made website with cool designs best suited for personal or business use.


The purpose of MoonFruit is that it is easy to set a site up, however there is not necessarily as much flexibility as moon-fruit sites are created in flash, which Google does not read very well.  So your rankings will suffer because of this.

Moonfruit is a great playkit and great for playing around with html snippets, and embedding things, as well as getting a feel for how you want your site laid out, and the types of themes you could use on your site.  Moonfruit is free, however there is an option for more features, which you can pay for.

Moonfruit is a very easy, and quick way to play around and set up a quick site.  However in the long run, if you want to run more sophisticated scripts and rank higher, you will need to build a site from scratch, with a web host.

1. Go and choose a design for your website. There are plenty of cool designs that you can choose, There will definitely be one that you will like.

2. Next hit the click to build. You may need to register a new account. Enter desired username, your email address and password. Then click Launch my Site. You may need to verify your email address. Please see screenshot below.

3. In your MoonFruit dashboard, you have a few options or tools that you can use to edit your website. The below image is what you will see in your dashboard. By default, its the Home Page area. You may however go to a certain part of the page such as the About, Photos, and Contact page, then make changes. Please see screenshot below.

4. Next is to start editing the content of your website. Simply click the Edit Posts button and hit Yes/No to save changes that you may have made in your website. See screenshot below.

5. Next click Edit button. Please see screenshot below.

6. Start changing the content of your website. You may change the Title and the content of your website. After providing the content of your website and each time you make changes click Update button. See screenshot below.

7. Of course you can add images to your post, just hit the Add image found just right above the Update button. Once you’ve done that, you can either upload an image from your computer or add an existing image from your file manager. See screenshot below.

8. Click Update, then the View button to checkout the changes you made in your website. Please see screenshot below.

9. You should be able to see the changes you made in your dashboard area but you can view your website live by clicking the View my site button. Go ahead checkout your live website.

10. That’s it you’ve successfully created your MoonFruit website. You may make changes to the content of your page by just simply going back to your dashboard and explore other options and tools.



Written by babybrownfox