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How to Create an Easy Android App With AppsGeyser

How to Create an Easy Android App With AppsGeyser

So you have an awesome looking website for your business and guess what, it’s fully mobile compatible? However, how many of your users actually want to take the time to load up your site in their mobile browser? Why not create a native application that users can install and use from their homescreen? Whilst that initially sounds complicated, AppsGeyser is a free service that makes it extremely easy.


Firstly, you’ll need to head over to the AppsGeyser website and choose the “enter URL” option. There are other more complicated options available, but we’ll be covering this one today.

On the app creation page, you’ll need to fill out some simple options, like the app’s name, description, plus the option to select an icon for your application. From here, you can also choose the category for your app, along with the screen orientation. See the image above for an example of how to fill out the form. You’ll also be able to view a preview of what your application will look like from here.

From the next page, you’ll have to sign up for an AppsGeyser account, which is super quick and easy! Just fill out some simple details and your application is now complete. The final page will give you a link to download your application. However, where you go next is completely up to you. You can link to the download and let users download your application directly. However, a better option would be to publish to the Google Play Store. This will include a small fee but AppsGeyser will give you all the details.

It really is super simple to create an Android app an there really is nothing to it! If you need any further assistance with your app, ask away in the comments below…

Written by Josh M-J

I started building websites at the age of 12, I am now an extremely respected Video Games and Technology Journalist. I currently work with some extremely big names, such as Nintendo and others.

  • kim – appsgeyser

    Hey, was lovely reading your post on AppsGeyser. We are always here if anyone wants some assistance in their Android app making.