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How to create and embed social poll using Quipol

How to create and embed social poll using Quipol

1. Sign up for free at

2. Write your question when you first login to your account.

3. Next, you may upload an image or video to your poll. Click the Choose file button and select an image from your computer. It should be 350 by 260 pixels for best results. Tip, use a photo editor tool called Gimp. Click here to download.

4. Next is to write the content about the poll that you’ve created. It can be simple as the example below or write more about it.

5. You’re almost done. Just click Create this Quipol button to save your poll.

6. Once you’ve saved your poll, you can now be able to copy the embed code and paste it into your website. Just highlight the code and select copy.

7. Lastly, just paste the code into your website or blog site. If you want to make changes of you poll content, just click on Quipol Actions. See screenshot below.

Written by babybrownfox