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How to Design the Perfect Business Card

How to Design the Perfect Business Card

Quite recently, we spoke about the best places to purchase Business Cards for your business/website. However, it’s all well and good knowing where to purchase your business cards, but you need to choose how to select and design your perfect Business Card. So, here we have your perfect guide…


Shape and Format

Aside from the ageing format and shape of a business card being a standard regular size and shape, Business Cards now come in many different sizes and shapes. Business Cards are now commonly presented through a more portrait format, which is quite a unique way to present your business card. Aside from this, business cards are also often presented through a large variety of different shapes. These vary from standard squares all the way to circular business cards.

A new trend in business cards, appears to be folding business cards. These contains flaps and folds, which is quite strange but can create a great impression.


Colour and Style

Colour and Style are both undeniably important when it comes to designing your Business Cards. One huge tip I would suggest when it comes to choosing the colour scheme for your business card, I would say the best way to go is to match your website’s colour scheme with your Business Card. So, if your website follows a red colour scheme, then keep that colour scheme with your website.

Another option is to match your business’ style with the colours on your business card. So for example, if your business is a florist, you’ll want to keep your business card’s colours to pink and yellow.



Images are extremely important when designing your business cards, however, the best option is to keep them at a minimal. Try to select one or two images that represent your website or business well and make sure that the colours used in them fit the other colours in your business card.

Positioning of your images is also very important, something that looks kind of cool is if you place the image in the corner and make only part of it visible. This gives your business card a bold style.


Text and Language

As with images, I would say that the best style to follow with your text is to keep it minimalistic. Include a simple few things: your business name; your name; your website address; your email address and possibly your direct phone number. Also, you could include a few things like your official title, but remember to keep things simple.

Use  a very similar font throughout your card and keep things familiar with your website’s design. Keep font sizes majorly the same, but remember to emphasise important pieces of text like your name.


Keep it Unique

Finally, remember that your business card has to be unique for it to make that lasting impression. Make it different to anything else your client has ever seen. Include little gimmicks like QR codes to scan and possible even NFC technology, however, that is extremely expensive at this current time.

If you have now designed your perfect business card, you’ll need to buy it. Check out our article on the best places to purchase your business cards…

Written by Josh M-J

I started building websites at the age of 12, I am now an extremely respected Video Games and Technology Journalist. I currently work with some extremely big names, such as Nintendo and others.