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How to Draft a Successful Interview

How to Draft a Successful Interview

Interviews make for absolutely brilliant content. From years of experience of developing media websites, I have found that interviews never fail to bring the readers in. Why is that? Well, interviews are exclusive content, unlike alot of content, interviews aren’t recycled junk and provide your readers with something that is worth reading.

However, just because an interview is exclusive, that doesn’t mean it’s absolutely just worth reading. To write an interview, you have to consider a number of things. Here’s my top list…

Exclusivity is absolutely key. If every site on the net has an interview with a certain band, be sure not to follow the trend. Get an interview with someone, who readers won’t find it so easy to find a discussion with. If there’s tonnes of interviews out there with a certain band or designer etc., why would readers choose to read your interview? That’s why it’s brilliant to pick out an interview with new and upcoming talent.

The questions are obviously very important in your interview. When writing the interview, start with a few ice-breaker questions, for example, a brief introduction or explanation of the product or brand. Then, it’s extremely important to think out of the box with your interview questions. It’s essential to make sure that your questions are completely different to what is being asked by other interviewers and the like. Consider what readers will want to know and what will make headlines for your website or publication.

Reader engagement may not be initially that obvious, but it’s still very important in making your interview successful. To make sure that your interview answers the questions that your readers want to know, why not just ask them? Before you set down to compile the interview, just drop a blog post out or even a quick tweet to see what questions your readers want answering in the interview. Good practice is to also put a small piece at the end of the interview asking readers to comment with their questions and saying that you’ll send them over.

Promotion is the last stage in compiling your successful interview, however, it’s vital. It’s important to get the news out there that you have written an interview and it’s live with exclusives. Ask the person you interviewed, to tell their fans about the interview and also get it round to other sites and publications of your same niche. If your interview contains exclusives, then they’ll likely wish to publish this news with credit to your site.

In conclusion, interviews are relatively easy articles to write, however, a successful interview takes time, care and attention. If it’s done right, a successful interview can make your site and gain you alot of readers.

Written by Josh M-J

I started building websites at the age of 12, I am now an extremely respected Video Games and Technology Journalist. I currently work with some extremely big names, such as Nintendo and others.