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How to emotionally connect with your audience

How to emotionally connect with your audience


When you’re in charge of a website or a blog, one of the most important things that you can do is to make sure that you’re building a relationship with your audience that will leave them wanting more from the website in general. To do this, you will need to use the emotions in both yourself and your audience.


Share feelings

Although your blog might not be about you as a person, there is nothing wrong with spending just a little bit of time talking about the way that you personally feel about what you’re thinking about. This can work in two ways; those who have the same feelings as you feel as though they can connect and therefore will return to your blog, and those who do not agree are more likely to start a discussion to give their own opinions.


Encourage emotion

If you are running a website where you are trying to get your users to do something, then you should understand that behind a lot of decisions are based on the way that people feel about something. One of the best ways that you can get more fans on Facebook, for example, is by encouraging your current followers to “share” or “like” something that you have posted. In order to make them want to do this, you need to make them feel something emotionally.


Many websites use underhand tactics to do this, including posting photos of people who have diseases for people to share, including captions such as “if you had a conscience you would share this” or “share if you hate cancer”. Although this might get you the shares that you are looking for, there is also the chance that a lot of the people on your website wouldn’t appreciate what you were doing, because they would feel as though they were being bullied into sharing the photo. Instead, you should think about what would encourage a positive feeling in your audience, as you would be much more likely to get a better response by doing this. Think about who your audience is, what they might care about in their life, and make posts based on all of these things.


Make your audience feel included

One of the best things that you can do is to make sure that the people who your website is aimed at really feel as though they are being spoken to. It is a good idea to get them involved by asking for contributions or ideas for your pages, as this means that not only will they feel as though they are included but also means that they’re going to be checking back to see if anything that they’ve posted has been used.


Generally, it is important to remember that emotions are something that are very important in the lives of everyone on the planet. With this being the case, it gives you the perfect chance to be able to use this to your advantage and therefore gain more visitors to your website this way.

Written by Gemma

Gemma is a 22 year old graduate in Psychology and freelance writer who has been writing online since she was 16.