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How to get $150 worth of professional freelance work FREE

How to get $150 worth of professional freelance work FREE

A little help to get you started or keep you going, if a company is prepared to offer it then why not take advantage of it?


Elance and Odesk are two of the biggest freelance marketplaces online, they allow you to post a job and then freelancers can bid on how much they can complete the job for.  Now I’ve spoken a lot about Fiverr on YWB which is notably much, much cheaper however with Elance and Odesk you really do know you are going to get quality (almost) every time.


$50/£32 free from Elance (UK only)

(This offer has been going for some time and I cannot see it expiring any time soon so long as the offer is still listed on the Huddlebuy page)

Step 1:

Enter your email on click through to the special signup page.

Click here

The follow up page should look like this:



Step 2:

  • To receive the FREE £32 ($50) credit, you must sign-up and post a job within 72hrs
  • Credit will be added to your account on the first Friday from time that you have chosen an eligible freelancer (tip – if you want to avoid charges set the job start date to the nearest Friday).
  • Available for new UK accounts only

It is a bit of trickery to actually avoid paying if you really need to as you have to time it so that the credit goes in before the job completes and you pay the freelancer however it can be done, else you’ll end up paying for the first freelancer and you will get $50 credit anyway to spend on another one.


$100 free from Odesk (not country specific, spend required)

(This offer has been going for some time and I cannot see it expiring any time soon so long as the offer is still listed on the Flippa page)


Step 1:

Register to


Step 2:

Click through the link to Odesk on this page and register, you should see a page like this:



Step 3:

Post a job paid hourly (not a fixed price) you can set this in “additional options” when posting the job.  Once you have paid for and completed the first job of at least 1 hour after 5 days you will receive $100 into your Odesk account.


Step 4:

If for some reason the credit is not added to your account after 5 days send a ticket (I already spoke to live chat on Odesk they said to send a ticket in this instance) the Odesk team are very helpful and will be happy to add the credit to your account if you state that you met the criteria for the promotion by paying for your first job and you registered through the promotion, (make sure to mention your Odesk account name).



To see your account balance click this link – 


What can you get on Odesk and Elance?

  • You could have someone customise your Facebook page with video/link tabs
  • You could have someone create a landing page for your website
  • You could have a programmer create you a basic script for your site
  • You could have a designer/programmer tweak your current site
  • You could have a very experienced writer create you a killer press release for your website
  • You could have a professional graphics designer to create you a bundle of advertising banners for your website
  • All sorts! The possibilities are endless, the quality will be outstanding if you go for the right person.



Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.