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How to get famous on YouTube

How to get famous on YouTube

How to get famous on Youtube

Fame is something that all of us dream about, but can be as little as one step around the corner if you do things right! Ignore those who say “you’ll never get there,” because it is much much easier than you think – one viral video and the world is at your feet!

Here are some top tips for building up a community on video-sharing networks like YouTube and enhancing your online reputation…


Good content

A stream of good quality content should be the first step you take when starting a new channel, you need to think quality not quantity in order to bring subscribers in. If you want to be the best then you need to try to be the best and create your very best, not second rate stuff.


Hard work and dedication

You certainly don’t get famous in a day, everything takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day! You need to be fully committed to your channel and subscribers, but always remember real life first hey?



Your personality is what will draw people in, its OK making good videos but if you have no character and sound like some robot, or your videos have no life in them, then not many people will be interested in subscribing and following you.


Collaborate with other Youtubers

Doing videos with or for other people is a great way of being introduced into YouTube, especially if the person you collaborate with has a good number of subscribers, this is definitely one of the best ways of introducing yourself into the “Youtube hall of celebrities.”



Its important for attracting viewers to consider the latest trends – what seems to be the most popular at the present time – for example a new game. If your the first to do a review on a new game, you are pretty much guaranteed to get views, people will always look to see what other people say before buying their own copy of the game or just for keeping in touch themselves.
If your making videos about an unpopular subject, you’ll never get anywhere. Explore your market and study other similar channels, their titles, their comments, the number of likes, where their traffic comes from etc. and compare them with your own.

Catchy titles and tags

These are ultimately what bring people in, these are what to consider, but never advertise something the video isn’t about – that’s not the way to build a great reputation online. You need to be honest and open for people to be attracted to your channel and its content. Youtube users are crazy about celebrities, and any news about “famous Youtubers,” singers etc. is very likely to attract people.



Community channels

Another great way of getting your videos out onto the network is to share them using community channels like Machninima. Make sure that the video you submit is your very best, and provides a good example of your content. Link them back to your channel by advertising other videos of a similar genre



Follow feedback

Ask your subscribers what they want to see on your channel, ask your friends and family for their opinions on your videos, listen to them and put your critics to good use. Be nice and respond to comments good or bad on your channel.



User’s first

They are the ones who watch your videos, you need to place them first, while adverts are a good way to make money, perhaps you should consider not using them at first, just while you attempt to draw users in. It is essential for anything you do, to place your followers first. Make them feel part of your channel – a community, and in your videos use plural terminology and say “we” and “our” – refer to your followers, and thank them for their support.


Enjoy it!

If you don’t enjoy making videos, your subscribers won’t enjoy watching them either, facades are very often transparent. So whatever your channel is about – enjoy making videos!


Learn from others

One of the best ways of succeeding in a venture is to look at those who have gone before you, and look at their ways, read up interviews – we have a couple on this blog – Marcus Butler  and Oliver Beeck. Get inspiration!


Build up your brand

It is important for your videos and channel to be recognisable, so don’t make your username long and complicated! Include custom thumbnails, a nice channel background and playlists. Introduce trademarks, for example certain Youtubers like to start with their own personalised intros and have their own sayings.


Keep supporters up to date via Facebook, Twitter etc.

Get them to follow you on other social networks, or build your own website, integrate everything to draw your subscribers in, and make them feel part of your venture.



A great way to reward your fans is with the occasional giveaway, which will likely attract a lot of people – everyone wants something for free! The prize doesn’t have to be anything amazing, but what you may make from donations or adverts put a percentage of it back into the channel (e.g. by improving your subscribers experience by buying a new microphone, record with a better camera etc.)


Unique Selling Point (USP)

What’s so amazing about your channel thats better than the millions of others on the network? Are your videos unique and original?



Do not be arrogant in anyway about your number of subscribers, views and other statistics, keep up to date with them definitely, if you don’t seem to be gaining any subscribers, perhaps your content is ‘off the mark.’ Study them, which are your most popular videos?


Remember that life is not all about being famous, as Albert Einstein said:

Try not to be a man of success,

but rather try to become a man of value.

– Albert Einstein


Don’t give up, sadly – everything in life is hard.

What about you, what tips would you give? what do you think of partnership networks? need help with anything? reply down below or ask us in the forums! We have a load more articles and videos about Youtube too! check them out here!

Written by Josh

Nothing you need to know? Oh alright then.. I'm a Young web builder in my spare time! Whilst engaged with exams, university, and what not.

  • Patrick

    This is a very informative article! I have been starting to use YouTube for multiple different things and have found it difficult to get my videos out there and seen. I plan on using some of the tips that you pointed out to help me get my content out to more then just my friends.

  • Angie

    I think that when you are there for the visitors it is so much better. I have seen many people that do videos just for themselves. When you do this, no one wants to watch your video. They need to be made with the users in mind!