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How to Get More Followers with Tweepi

How to Get More Followers with Tweepi

How to Get More Followers with Tweepi

There are many techniques to boost your twitter followers and here’s one tool that will help you so much, you’ll never want to use anything else, Tweepi. There are quite a few functions to Tweepi, even in the free version.  So if you’re just starting out using Tweepi here are some of the things that you can do with it.

1. Sign in or Sign up if you haven’t registered yet.


2. Make sure that you have setup your profile completely. Upload a picture and write a short but compelling description about your business. See an excellent example of a short description below.

3. The next thing you’re going to do is to flush out or unfollow those twitter users that are not following you or that has no importance to you, please bare in mind, if you do not want to unfollow certain people. You need to specify so that they are not unfollowed. Go to Manage Twitter in the menu then click Flush the unfollowers.

4. You can go to Reciprocate menu to check out people who followed you and follow them back. Otherwise if you want to unfollow, go to Clean Up under the menu selection.

Click the minus sign to UnFollow those who are of no benefit to you.

5. The tool in the menu called Users Followers or User’s Friends found under Tweet Follow. You will find this tool helpful for finding people with the same interests as you, and who are likely to find your topic interesting.  For example, if your all about a particular singer, follow the followers, or friends of that singer.  The “Users Friends” are people who are following that user, and who that user is following. You should be using twitter users who you’d like to be like. In the example below, I have typed in @mashable because it is very popular and people who followed them have the same interests in technology and social media, if thats what your looking for then, mashable is a great example.

6. Find people that have the least number of followers and follow them, these are the people that will gain you most benefit as they are more likely to notice that you have followed them, and be grateful for it. You’ll see in the image below at the right side of the table are numbers of followers of certain users. As well as this, you only want to follow people who are active, you’ll see in the analytics their last tweet date, but we don’t always want babblers.  So try to organise the list to the types of people you want to follow, and bulk follow them.  Or simply click the plus sign to start following them.  Or shift click to follow multiple at the same time. Follow as many as you can that fits to your category like tech, social media, games music, business, marketing, money, etc… You can check their individual background. Then send those people a personal message to greet them or to tell them about yourself and the things you do.

7. Now start tweeting engaging tweets, or posts from your website.  “How is everyone today”, you can read a few tips here on what tweets will help you increase your twitter followers.

8. Repeat the process.

Tweepi is an incredible tool so make sure to use its full potential.  Now you just want to wait for people to follow you back.  It should not take too long, and you’ll never go back to #teamfollowback again.
This video may help you learn more about Tweepi,

You may need to start your own blog site and start posting interesting posts, this will also help increase your twitter followers.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.