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How To Get Your Web Game Out There

How To Get Your Web Game Out There

Hi, I’m Jordan.A 12 year old programmer and game developer.Today I will be giving some advice to game developers and teaching them how to get their game mores plays or sales, etc.Follow these steps and your game will be played by thousands.

1. Social Media

One of the best ways to get your game out there is Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and it also another great way to interact with fellow game developers. Just search Twitter in the top right corner and put in something like game developers tweet some people talking about your game and tell them your age (Presuming you guys are kids) you are bound to get some Feedback.Same with Facebook, search for Game Developers/Indie Game Developers pages and post your story on their walls.

2. Web App stores

Another great way to get your game out there is web app stores or centres.Like Facebook App Centre click that (It will open in a new tab) or the Chrome Web Store.These services will feature your game (especially Chrome Web Store) Facebook App Centre is free and Chrome Web Store is just $5 which is amazing for all the possibilites it includes.I definitely recommend checking these out.

3. Game Websites

Another simple alternative is putting your game on websites like Newgrounds or Kongregate. Especially Newgrounds because Newgrounds is the biggest web game community ever! With millions of members and even more viewers every day, Newgrounds is probably the best place to put your game.Anybody can do it for free.You can get feedback from your players and once your game is submitted it will be displayed on the homepage of within 3-4 and your game hasn’t been viewed over 1,000 times (Check every 5 minutes you will be amazed) I will hand you a free iPhone 7,000.Kongregate is great too, but you won’t get as many views.

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this little article and don’t forget to comment and tell us how your game is doing.




Written by Jordan

Jordan Casey is a 12 year old programmer, Founder, entrepreneur and designer.He has been programming and blogging since the age of 9.He is now an app developer and in fact, Europe's youngest.He has been featured on TV, Radio, newspapers and magazines across Ireland and even The New York Times.He has spoken at the biggest creativity festival in the world, Cannes Lions.Where he met the creator and CEO of Twitter, president of MTV, Microsoft, YouTube and was even interviewed by Adobe.

  • Raymond Ferard

    Thanks for the great post! I completely agree with your stance on the topic, but some points could be debateable. It’s all a matter of opinion really.