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How to make $1000’s on Twitter

How to make $1000’s on Twitter

Here is a step by step guide to making $1000’s on Twitter.


We will support you with this all the way! Join our forum thread for help! 


1.  Pick something you are interested in that there is a wide enough interest in that you can get followers to your page.  Also make sure that the subject area has related things that you can promote that people can buy, or sign up to.

2.  Create a fanpage for it at

3.  Follow people who have the same interests as you with Tweepi

4.  Set up a feed from news sites or your blog,

5.  Set up automated tweets with Twuffer or tweet your own

6.  Follow more people with Tweepi (300 a day, only the ones that tweeted most recently, you can sort them)

7.  Unfollow those that did not follow you from Tweepi after a day or so.

8.  Sign up to or another affiliate site such as: seo clerks, click bank, amazon affiliates, affiliate window etc.. (Tell them that you have a few 1000 targeted followers and you want to promote their products every 1-100 tweets or so.)

9.  Tweet links to relevant products/services to do with your fansite, Games, Dvd’s, Tech, Music, Concert Tickets, all sorts

10.  Tweet news, polls interact with your fans

11.  Use Quipol to create social polls for your followers

12.  Unfollow those that did not follow you with Tweepi Use Tweepi again to follow more people

13.  Aim to get around 15,000 targeted followers with Tweepi, tweet news and interact with your followers

14.  Repeat from 9 upwards.

15.  Retweet relevant tweets.

16.  Make relationships with people that have authority in your subject, tweet them, include them in your news, share their tweets.


Think of something you like, make a fanpage for it, tweet links from irregularly. Think of what people would buy as a result of seeing your tweet, maybe you can get people excited about an upcoming product or concert?

With you will get around 2%-10% commission from each sale, if you are selling for example games that cost $60 each, that is $3 from Amazon (5%).

Imagine if you put a tweet out to 15,000 people 1000 see it, and 50 people buy a product, that is $150, now keep working at it!

It could take around 1-3 months of 30 minutes work a day, perhaps to reach $1k upwards.


This can be done in any country however referly is currently in $ so I kept it the same.Any questions let us know!

Good Luck

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.