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How to make £1000’s with Referly

How to make £1000’s with Referly

You probably haven’t heard of this new site, it’s called  We interviewed the founder recently, the site is a new type of social media network, though it’s more a site that connects with social media sites then competes with them.  So what’s it all about? lets anyone share products/services and get paid a percentage if anyone buys something through their special link.  No special relationships needed, you just find the products you want to share with people and away you go.  The average amount is 5% which is the minimum at Amazon to my knowledge, is in-fact compatible with Amazon too, so what you would do is find a product you wanted to share with your friends or your twitter/facebook followers, then put the URL into and it will make you a special link, a bit like creates short links. 

Now the cool feature of is the option to create collections, Look at this.., some clever spark got the idea to use their public profile and turn it into it’s own “brand”, im sure you could even direct a domain to it too.  So for example, “Best games under $10”, now you may say, well most of the shops on there at the moment are American so if you live outside the US you are stuffed… Well, Danielle the founder of has told us they have every intention to support other countries, there is nothing stopping you promoting to American audiences right now anyway.  Say you made a Facebook or Twitter page, you could in-fact create multiple collections, so “Best games under $20″, etc.. etc..”.

Imagine if over 1 month 100 people bought maybe 60 from under $10 and 40 from $10-$20, so say you got 5%, so $30 and $40 respectively.  In total $70, not bad, but we want more then that, so we could take it a step further.  We would drive traffic to these pages, so we’ve made $70 so the next step is to use that money to drive even more sales, buy some traffic from (make sure it is targeted to a specific category), just as if you are unsure. So maybe we send 50,000 with the intention of maybe 1000 buying, so instead of 100 our figures are now * 10 so we make $700, don’t stop there! Keep going…


You won’t make much just by having a page, you need to go to forums, or write articles for squidoo etc.. that include links to your collections, be creative! gives you good stats, tells you where clicks are coming from, you’ll need $10 to withdraw, not much really.

Just gives you some ideas, if you need any more ideas or support join our forum.


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.