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How To Make A Glossy Orb For Your Website

How To Make A Glossy Orb For Your Website

Hi there and in this article i will tell you how to make a really nice and clean glossy orb, you can change it so you can use it as a home button or just a button to switch pages ion your website.

We will be making something that looks like this.

Okay then, lets get started.

Step one: Create a new canvas with the size 750 x 750px

Step Two: Select your ellipse tool whilst holding shift drag it to make a perfect circle, it has to fill most of the canvas

Step Three: Tick the box drop shadow and make sure you have the same settings as me, you can change them around a bit but keep them around mine.

Step Four: make another ellipse but make this one smaller than the first one.

Step Five: make sure the settings are around the same as mine again.

Step Six: with your gradient overlay drag from the centre of the circle outwards.

Step Seven: Add your Text

Step Eight: Make another ellipse a small one where you want your reflection to be, add a layer mask and use gradient on it, it has to be from black to white and on linear. you can do this multiple times to get the reflection you want.

Step Nine: add it to your website

Obviously you can change the size, colour’s text, to suit your website, this is also good for making Social media icons.

Written by Jake

Jake is a 17 year old graphics designer from the UK. He has been producing graphics for free on several forums, such as banners, logo's backgrounds, and has amassed a vast array of knowledge about graphical software and graphics design.

  • Josh

    What tool did you use for this?