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How To Make Money With Adf.Ly

How To Make Money With Adf.Ly

What Is Adf.Ly

Adf.Ly is an url shortening service with a catch; monetization. That’s right. You can literally make money from the traffic coming in to those links.Though it won’t make you a millionaire over night, is a proven method of making extra money online.

How It Works

When you sign up for the service (its free by the way) you are given access to the url shortening tool where you can place a desired url to compress. The new url you are given has its link page laced with ads that you can make money per view. And the more traffic coming into the link, the more money you make. Simple.

How Are Payments Handled

The average rate of income is $4.00 per one thousand views and the minimum payout is $5.00. As for how you get paid, the money is transferred through your AlertPay or PayPal accounts. If you don’t have either two, just sign up for them – they are also free to use.

What Type Of Ads Do Adf.Ly Offer

There are several types of of ads you can choose to use with Adf.Ly. Here is a detailed list of them:

  • Interstitial Ads – these are ads that appear when the person is being redirected to the link after clicking the url. They usually last for 5 seconds before the destination is reached and can be skipped. That’s not too little time to show the customer something interesting to buy and not too much time to hinder them from reaching the destination. Here is an example:
  •  Banner Ads – these ads appear at the top of the browser as opposed to the interstitial ads that take up the whole screen. This means less obstruction, but also equals less visibility. Here is an example: 
  • Referrals – These are links that promote the Adf.Ly service by coaing other visitors into joining the service. Though referrals are not ads, they can pay up to 20% of the earnings those people make for life. This can be an effective way of making money with Adf.Ly. Here is an example:

Where Can I Post My Adf.Ly Links

You can post your Adf.Ly links virtually anywhere. Preferably, you should post these links on high traffic sites you are on like social sites, forums or your own successful blogs. To really give you an idea, here is a list of places you can post your links:

Personal Blogs

I suggest you post especially to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube since those are highly popular and generate enormous traffic.

Sing up for Adf.Ly today and make that money. Go here.

Written by Ryan

Ryan was born in Barbados and grew up with a pen in one hand and a paper in the other. He strives to be a journalist one day and spends his time molding his talent with blogging, freelance writing and learning. Ryan also dreams of a career in gaming and wants to use his talent for writing as a vehicle that will get him there.

  • Josh is a good way of making a little extra cash. Good guide 😉