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How to make money with an Amazon associates affiliated website

How to make money with an Amazon associates affiliated website

One of the largest online retailers of recent years has become Amazon.  Their product range is humongous, their portfolio of “child companies” is growing much like Google.  Amazon makes $1,000,000’s every year and you can make some of that money yours too!!
You may not have known that amazon own all of these:

IMDB,,,,, and lot’s more.

Well, for now, we will focus just on the amazon store.

As I said before, Amazon is HUGE.  If you want to be associated with any online retailer, a popular one that makes life easy to work with, Amazon is the company for that.

So, what does Amazon provide me as the advertiser?

Amazon has a dedicated associates centre packed full of helpful information and resources for you to embed in your websites.  You can actually create a fully functioning “A Store”, within your website. Here is a site which Stephen created a year ago,  You will notice the SEO, though it was not fully promoted, more of a research project.  You should notice the images to the side, which are pretty seamless, they don’t look like adverts, but they give you what you wanted anyway.

This is an idea of the type of website that you could create with amazon associates.  You can, in-fact use blogger, tumblr, etc.. However to be accepted into the program you need to have a website of some description that has a good amount of traffic and fits within their TOS.

So, we can advertise any product we want, on amazon, embed scripts into our site to present them, banners, normal links.  We get all the support we need, and they will even tell us what is selling well.  But what is the idea? What do we do with this?

What website to create

As I mentioned before.  The idea is pretty much exactly that.  Create a website ONLY, about one or a group of products that you are interested in, or that you feel you can write about.  Ideally you would pack in a blog with regular content, and lay some affiliate links around the website.   You want to make the website clear to the audience of the product, you should understand the product’s market, are there a lot of other people selling this product?  Can I fit in somewhere and steal some of their organic search engine traffic?

Build quality inbound links from other websites to your amazon associated website, try to put your keywords which you want to rank for in the anchor text (“<a href=””>Keyword</a>).

Good Luck getting 30,000 sales. If you reach this, do let us know! 


So, the thing to do is:

Find a product that you like which sells well, for example  Write quality information about it and why people should buy it, share voucher codes and discounts for that product, (Amazon is usually the cheapest) This is our marketing point.  If amazon are the cheapest, we don’t need to worry with anyone else!  Once you have your site structure apply for amazon associates, make sure that the website is attractive to the products audience, give people value.  What is the purpose of the website?  You want to tell people why the product is so damn exciting.

Amazon makes you money

Providing you get the traffic to your website, there is little reason you wouldn’t make money.  Amazon is a safe online retailer that everyone knows.  At least once they are off your website if they have clicked your affiliate link, you will get paid a commission.  Stephen made about $150 from Mario Chess in 2011 over the christmas period.  However since he did little promoting and had other sites to work on, this could have been much more.  However it gives you an idea.  The sales all came from organic searches in google.

Good Luck!!

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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