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How to make your website Attractive and Recognisable

How to make your website Attractive and Recognisable

Everyone wants to make their website look as attractive as possible, so you don’t want to deter visitors by a bad layout, bad graphics etc. so here are some top tips on how to attract visitors with a good site design and layout.


You need to keep the design and layout consistent, this is very important for branding and essential for advertisers and news publications, keep the colour scheme the same, keep the logo, theme and advertisements consistent with each other.  Otherwise visitors will believe that they are on different sites, and will think the site unprofessional.

Try not to use more than one font, as it confuses readers, use underlining, bold and italics sparingly, I would suggest that you use bold only for titles and headings.

I would also recommend not underlining text at all, except for hyperlinks.

Make sure that your navigation bar, links, header and footer are universal (on every page), which will prove to visitors that your website wasn’t made in 10 minutes, plus they can easily make their way around the site.


Make certain that the colours you choose for your site, aren’t bright as they sting the eyes of the reader, white is the best colour for a background, or some other light colour (black can also work).

You should base your design on 3/4 colours, and stick to those colours, this is also the same for your logo.  You should sometimes find that you can base a whole site design just from the design of your logo.  Or the other way around.

The reason you should keep your colour scheme simple even for your logo, is the fact that you want to be able to use your assets anywhere and be instantly recognisable.  You want to make it easy to create ad banners, business cards etc..

Also remember colour associations (e.g. red is passionate, but also means war etc.).

Check out our guide on colours for your website.


Functionality and design are very friendly together, you should try to mix a bit of both.  People like nice design but they more so prefer functionality, try to find a happy medium between both.

As you read in the first section, consistency and functionality go together, for example the point of making navigation bars on every page, which makes it much easier for visitors to navigate the site, if they can’t navigate well then they will be frustrated and possibly leave the site and not come back.

Another necessity for ease of access is a search function, which can again frustrate the visitor, because he can’t find what he wants. Also remember not to overload your website with too many graphics, and to have text and images well balanced.

What to avoid…

Too many adverts deter people, especially video or audio ads, one or two is OK, but any more than that will deter visitors.

Avoid excess of everything, as mentioned in the previous section, don’t overload your page with graphics, text, links etc.

For more things to avoid click here – I think this is great, as it demonstrates all the bad things in design.


Follow all these guidelines and you should have a nice site that will encourage visitors to look deeper into your website.

Some of the key points that you should remember is:

  • Adverts, be mindful of the placement of your adverts and the number of adverts that you have on each page.
  • Navigation + ease of access
  • Site structure – Keep the structure of your website similar throughout
  • Interactivity – although I didn’t mention this in the thread, it is good to get people interacting in your site, social media functionality is advised.
  • Colours
  • Less is more in web design

If you need any more help with design, just ask in the forum where we have a nice community that will answer all of your questions: Forum link

Written by Josh

Nothing you need to know? Oh alright then.. I'm a Young web builder in my spare time! Whilst engaged with exams, university, and what not.