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How to profile your potential audience

How to profile your potential audience

There are a number of different ways to profile your target audience.

Here are a number of ways you can profile them.

1. If you have a product or offer to promote, then you need to understand what type of person purchases this type product. To identify the audience for your product, simply look at who is selling this type of product on-line, then enter their domain name in the Alexa Site Information tool here Select the “Get Details” Button and then select “Audience”. Alexa will now give you information which relates to the Age, Educational Level, Gender, Location of audience and whether they have children. So, say like you are going to sell the Super Mario Chess game, you might find a website selling that game, like, then enter the domain name in Alexa Site Info and see who the audience are visiting that offer. You will also find other interesting information in Alexa, like what keywords this audience is using, which you can target and what volume of traffic this offers appears to be pulling.

2. Another way to profile your audience is to carry out some kind of market research. You can for example use Google to search for information and download reports that will give you a better understanding of the audience that purchases your product.

3. You can set-up a market research questionnaire that incentivizes visitors to give you information about their tastes and interests, thus profiling them more accurately.

In fact you can use all manner of approaches to profile your audience. The more you understand your target audience the more you are able to cultivate the message you send out to them and the higher your return on Investment.

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Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.