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How to setup a Tumblr site

How to setup a Tumblr site

How to setup a Tumblr site


Tumblr is definitely one cool microblogging site for people who just started blogging for fun or to professional bloggers because of its simplicity and attractive designs. It is very easy to setup, it only takes just a matter of minutes. Here’s how.


1. Go the site then sign up for free account. Enter your email address, password and your desired tumblr URL (  Complete the registration by entering the correct captcha shown. Then login to your email account and click the Tumblr verification link.

2. After completing the registration, you’ll be taken to your Tumblr dashboard. The latter is where you set things up for your Tumblr blog site. To do so, simply follow the 4 important things to get you started. Click on the first step which is to Post a picture of yourself.


3. You can upload pictures directly from your computer or you can simply get the URL of the image from the web. In this example, the image was uploaded from the computer. To do so, click Choose File button. Click Create Post or Preview button afterwards. Please see screenshot below.



4. Once you’ve posted your first picture into your Tumblr site, next is to pick a theme and title for your blog. Type the title and description of your blog site. You can leave the rest of the settings to its default values for now. Click the Save button afterwards. Please see screenshot below.


5. Next choose a theme for your Tumblr blog site. Go ahead and click the Themes button above. There are free themes available and there are also premium themes that cost a little money. Go ahead and select a free theme if you don’t want to spend some money. Click the Use button after you’ve selected a theme. Then click Save button. Then click Close if you’re done.



6. The third important step in setting up your Tumblr site is to start following atleast 5 people that you find their topic interesting. Go ahead and start searching those Tumblr site owners.



7. After following a few Tumblr site owners, you can complete the 4 important steps by uploading an AVATAR. This is an image that will appear when people check your profile.

8. Now there are few options in the settings that you can change. Just click the little boxes to enable those options. Please see screenshot below.


In this example we’ve put a check mark on the boxes to activate the new settings.


Click the SAVE button when you’re done.

9. That’s it. You’ve successfully setup your new Tumblr site. So next is simply add more fruits to your site such as post a video, audio, quote, chat, photo and etc. Enjoy Tumblr and enjoy blogging.



Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.