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Interesting ways to getting more traffic to your website

Interesting ways to getting more traffic to your website

Have you been trying to get more traffic to your website or articles?

You need to give people reason to come to your website, what is it that they would come to your website for?

Here are some ideas on how you could boost your traffic:


Talk about celebrity

A lot of people are massive fan’s of certain celebrity’s, they will read almost anything and everything about that celebrity, also if you mention celebrity’s in your articles it makes them

1.  More interesting,

2.  Better for SEO, for example people searching that celebrity’s name may come across your articles, it may also mean people are more inclined to read or continue to read an article to see how that celebrity relates.

Your website does not have to have anything to do with celebrity’s or a particular celebrity, however for example, a lot of celebrity’s have a LOT of money, so you are talking about making money, why not drop in a name, or maybe you are talking about marriage, and you want to mention about how a particular celebrity couple have been married for so long together.


Run competitions 

Competitions and give-aways are very effective ways of generating traffic and opt-ins to build a lovely list!  It is noteworthy that you should not stray too far off “likeable stuff”, I just made that up, but take a look on competition websites and see what is popular.  You will find that certain things, such as giftcards, games and gadgets do better then others, mainly for the fact that on competition sites there are categories, now if you are under “kitchen appliances”, there are not as many looking to win that stuff as there are gadgets.  It is also important to make it easy to enter the competition, people make impulse decisions online a LOT, unfortunately we have to take advantage of this and make the entry process as quick and exciting as possible before they decide to go elsewhere.

Resources for running competitions:

There are 100’s of websites and forums that let you promote competitions, even if the website is not particularly dedicated to competitions many forums have dedicated competition sections.


Talk about current hot topics

Talking about hot topics, especially if you are registered to news sites or rss feed sites, Goolge News is a good one, if you can relate your content to current events, for example:  an Easter special offer, or a new law has passed meaning that prices will go up so you tell people to get in fast, or perhaps a new film is coming out, or has come out.

Talking about hot and trending topics can help you with SEO, and especially on social media, just make sure to keep it exciting and unique since if everyone else is talking about the same thing you want to give people a reason to read/use your content.

What are the latest trends?  Are people all talking about a new social media website?  Those are a few examples.


Resources for finding current hot topics:


Conduct interviews

Interviews are often a great way of building SEO, authority and helping you and the interviewee, you can get traffic by people searching the brand they work for, or their name, you can also submit your interviews to websites such as


Create “viral scripts”

For example, you must share on facebook or twitter, e.g. “pay with a tweet“. To get access to a download or something.  Facebook viral script.

Another Facebook script.

These can be pretty effective but you want to give something away that people just have to have.  People like the idea of having early access to “beta’s” perhaps you can use this.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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