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Internet Addiction: Dangers of getting stuck in the Virtual Self!

Internet Addiction: Dangers of getting stuck in the Virtual Self!

Today, I’m going to be speaking out against the “Virtual Self”.

So, what is the “Virtual Self”?

“Virtual Self” is a state of transference from the real person you are to the virtual person, the “Virtual Self”, you can become when you are on-line.

“Virtual Self” goes a lot deeper than your Avatar, an Alias, or your on-line persona.

“Virtual Self” is like taking your thoughts, your behaviours, your feelings and emotions and teleporting them into your relationships with other “Virtual Self’s” on-line.

So when you are angry that someone just shot your character in the shoot-em-up game, that’s when you are being your “Virtual Self”. When you rage against what someone said on a forum to you or about someone else, that’s your “Virtual Self” right there. When you bully someone or are bullied by someone on Facebook, you are a victim of a “Virtual Self”.

Your “Virtual Self” is like a reflection of your real self, only the virtual self is a far weaker, far more contrived reflection.

Many, many people on the Internet spend more time inside the “Virtual Self” than they do their real self!

You can see them on Skype, frantically typing away as a response to others who are commenting.
You can see them sitting in rooms where people are present to talk to them, yet they are constantly distracted by their mobile phone.

In fact there are whole industries set-up to ensure your virtual self remains present and strong in their content. Video Games publishers, Internet software publishers, Mobile app developers and advertisers are all looking to intrench your Virtual Self in their game!

In order to have a healthy balanced life today’s generations need to be able to deal with the complexities of managing two “Self’s”, the “Real Self” and the “Virtual Self”

So, here are the dangers of getting too stuck in the Virtual Self.
1. Your body and emotions are primitive and are not used to being plugged in to the “Virtual Self”
2. When you are logged into the “Virtual Self”, you are not able to function correctly because you are distracted away from the real world. You can become overweight, lack hygiene, become dysfunctional around the house and neglect your job.
3. You can become ill, because your body needs exercise and being plugged into the “Virtual Self” means you are passive and lethargic.
4. You can lose out on developing valuable relationships in the real world, because the “Virtual Self” causes you to become introverted.
5. You can become very dumb because you are not experiencing real world problems and challenges
6. The “Virtual Self” can reduce your confidence with making the correct decisions in the real world and cause you to hide away and bunker in. This bunkering means you ultimately spend more time in video games and such like and become more at one with your “Virtual Self”.

So, these are just a few of the dangers of allowing your “Real Self” to become usurped by the “Virtual Self”.

Believe me, I know. I used to develop the content for some of the worlds top publishers to make eyeballs stick to their apps. I know because I myself have become usurped by the “Virtual Self”, to the point of madness.

You can see some of my work when I was stuck in the “Virtual Self” here…
Please only read it when you are feeling particularly strong and are over 20 years of age.

If you are stuck in the “Virtual Self”, don’t worry, the answer is simple!

Only switch on the PC/Mobile/TV when you need to do something constructive.

Its like anything in life, there has to be some good reason for doing stuff.

So make the Internet and technology a joyful, constructive experience.

Don’t become a “Virtual Recluse”.

Unless you want to become a useless, dumb, bunkered in, lonely old zombie of course”.



Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.