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Interview with freelance fashion blogger and graduate Michelle Chai

Interview with freelance fashion blogger and graduate Michelle Chai

Today I got a chance to speak with Michelle Chai freelance journalist and fashion writer graduate.    She is the founder and editor of and has amassed a respectable number of regular readers and has even seen her blog recognised by leading fashion magazines! WOW.

Read on to find out more about her journey as a student blogger.

Over half a million hits to date, with a global following of over 5200+ readers.
Collaborations with brands including Annie Greenabelle, Boohoo, Glossybox UK, Motel Rocks, and Clippy.

Oliver:  What made you want to start your own blog?

Michelle:  I started my blog, Daisybutter, in the first year of my degree. As much as I loved the course, I simply wanted my own outlet to start writing my own materialistic musings about fashion and perhaps getting involved a little more in the industry. In other words, I just couldn’t wait three years to get to grips with the competitive fashion industry, I wanted a slice of action for myself. I’d been reading fashion blogs such as Fashiontoast and Sea of Shoes for two or three years before creating my own, and realised that I really could do this myself.

Oliver: You’re a freelance writer, studied fashion journalism at University and are now interning in consumer magazines.  Has your blog helped you at all?

Michelle:  Being so involved in the blogging community and constantly immersing myself in fashion and writing definitely helped me in my degree. It honed my interests and gave me a hands-on experience of the social media and digital platform journalism side of the industry, which really took off as I entered my second year of blogging. As a result, I began approaching Uni assignments from a slightly different perspective, which saw my results lift a little higher.


Oliver:  Would you recommend starting a blog to Uni students?

Michelle:  I’ll admit; blogging isn’t for everyone, and a lot of people on my course at University started a blog and just as quickly stopped blogging. If you’re passionate about writing and fashion, then it’ll show in your blog, and at the end of the day, it is always transparent to readers with who adores their blog and who doesn’t.

Your site mentions that you are sometimes gifted products by brands to review, how does this work? How long have you been getting products for review on your blog?

As a perk of being a relatively established blogger, brands often get in touch with me about ‘placing products’ on my blog via a review. I only ever accept gifted products that I would have potentially bought myself, as I want to keep my blog as representative of me as possible, and would never give coverage to an item that I don’t support or like. I’ve probably been in contact with brands for around a year, and had been blogging for nearly two years before then!


You have quite a lot of followers and comments on your blog posts, how did you build this up?  How do you get people to keep reading your blog posts?

I’m a huge advocate of being interactive with my blog readers, whether through email, Twitter or my comments. I think my community has built up as a result of simply being interested in what my readers have to say about my posts, and I always, always check their blogs out of interest and leave a comment by way of thank you. I think my blog has a very particular style and approach to fashion, which a lot of girls relate to and enjoy reading about – that’s what keeps people coming back, if any!

You have been featured on Grazia and Marie Claire: that must be so cool to be appreciated by them, how did this come about?  Has it helped bring new readers to your blog?

I was named a shortlisted finalist for Best Fashion Blog by Marie Claire at their recent Blog Awards. I think it was a reader nominated competition, which is really exciting, I’m so thankful to have really supportive readers! And for the Grazia ‘recognition’, I remember coming home from Uni one day and seeing an email out of the blue from Grazia’s Associate Editor telling me he loved my blog!

Do you think social media is important to anyone who wanted to start their own blog?  Has it helped you?

Blogging is social media in its’ own right now, so 100%. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr have become synonymous with blogging, because they all have one common purpose: to share personal inspiration. It has definitely helped my blog, bringing in a hugely diverse group of readers to my overall following. Some of my readers particularly enjoy outfit photos, others enjoy my lifestyle posts, and some prefer beauty articles.

You have 616 posts on your blog! Wow that is impressive, what is your biggest and most memorable achievement so far?

Attending London Fashion Week to provide coverage for my blog has been my favourite blog memory!


What is your best style tip?

To wear what you love, and always be comfortable in what you choose to wear.

What advice would you give to anyone who wanted to start their own style blog?

Always keep your own distinct stamp of style on anything you write, shoot and create for your blog.


Thanks so much Michelle, good luck and I hope that you start flying all around the world reporting on all the latest fashion events for your readers! – Oliver


Check out Michelle’s website, she seems to be onto big and amazing things so good luck to her!

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.