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Interview with Henry Macreadie founder of MahookyMedia

Interview with Henry Macreadie founder of MahookyMedia

Henry is one of the co-founders of MahookyMedia and TheGamersHub from its birth in 2009. He now manages all advertisement on TheGamersHub while expanding Mahooky’s online assets.


How long have you been developing sites?

Not very long, I started with no knowledge on how websites are developed
and how servers are set up. Even when we launched TGH myself and Dan had no
clue. I’d say about 2.5 years now to answer your actual question.

How long has MahookyMedia been running?

MahookyMedia as a company has been around for about a year, but the
concept itself started not long after the launch of TGH, which is turning 3
on July 27th.

Is MahookyMedia your full-time job?

Not currently, I’m lucky enough to have a nice job which helps keep me on
my feet.

Your site “MahookyMedia” seems very geared towards the eye of a
publisher who wants advertising space. How important
do you feel it is to show off your sites in such a way towards

Very. If company’s didn’t advertise on our sites, I couldn’t afford to
keep them online – which would be a terrible shame.

Are you the only founder of MahookyMedia? Has your role changed since
when you first set up the company?

I’m not, myself and my good friend Dan Hook started the company – we used
to produce content as it was our passion (not so much our skill). It’s
changed quite a bit, I run advertising and business stuff. Dan runs
development for other projects, more creative aspects.

What is it like running your own online business?

Weird, I’m used to having face-to-face contact with people I work with, so
communication can really be a problem – but the whole business is very
satisfying – and we’ve got some very talented people working for us, who
will go far.

You seem to be developing a strong “brand” of websites, was this always
your intention or did It just happen over time?

We wanted to have multiple website from the start, and we’ve got big plans
for the future, when more time and manpower comes about.

The games-scene is already crammed with games news sites, how did you plan
to differentiate yourself from the rest?

The Games industry really is packed, our plan is to produce great quality
content and just keep growing our unique views from unique talented

Your site “thegamershub” recently went through a massive design update.
Now it seems to look much like a magazine, but in online-form, was
this intentional?

Very much show, we didn’t want to follow the look of many of games
websites and blogs – so we went for something different. We’re still
working on it, and will have lots of new features launching every few
months. The next one being end of July.

Have you been recognised within the industry yet as a main contender?

I wouldn’t say main contender, I can’t imagine IGN and Gamespot worrying
about our growth.

Do you get sent review copies and invited to events? Do other industry
representatives recognise you now?

Yes! I’ve been told many a times about PR’s and game developers knowing
about us, reading our content. It’s really nice. I’ve also been noticed and
approached at an event, which was really weird but great.

How long did it take you after setting up your site to receive physical
review copies of games, how did you approach this?

We have fantastic support from publishers and PR Company’s. We get most
games sent to us for review, and an increasing amount of products like
headsets. The first time was by activation, for Call of Duty which was
pretty weird – I just came back from work and saw packages on my floor.
This was about 6 months in – but we did start slow, I’ve spoken to some
solid website start-ups who received stuff much sooner.

Clearly “TheTechnohub” needs to establish it’self much like “Thegamershub” has,
within a crowded technology marketplace. However your designs
are extremely unique and appealing. Other than the strong branding that
you have produced, how do you feel that you will establish yourself within the
technology space?

We’ll do what TGH does, and hope people like and respect that,
TheTechnoHub won’t be launching for a while but when it does we expect it
to do well. We are developing exciting ways of connecting them together and
can’t wait to show it off.

What made you want to produce more sites then just “thegamershub”?

We enjoy developing new sites, and then finding people who have a great
big passion about the subject, and giving them the ability to write and get
really involved in the industry.

How do you come up with/produce all of your website designs?

We have a wonderful web developer called Zach who has years of experience
developing and designing websites (He’s ours – stay away).

What are your plans for the future of MahookyMedia?

We’ll continue to publish high quality sites, produce great content and
enjoy ourselves.

Do you intend/think that you could become as large as multimedia
companies such as IGN and etc…?

Who wouldn’t? I sure would love to be that big, but that’s something which
takes time – you never know!

I really like the idea of Do you feel this helps your brand to build an authority within the games industry? Do you feel
this is an effective way to generate “buzz” and traffic to your sites?

Its helping, creating a brand people love is hard, few company’s really do
that. It’s helping bring in traffic, which is always helpful.

What “business lessons” have you learnt from developing MahookyMedia?

Always think ahead, when you have ideas think of the opportunity cost, is
the pro of the idea worth the potential con. I’ve made a few mistakes along
the way, which could have been prevented with more careful planning.

What advise would you give to anyone who wanted to start their own

Only bother if you’re prepared to spend free time, money – and it’s
something you are passionate about. Without a passion it’ll all fall apart.

A nice tip – get your friends involved, if your young 16/17/18 and your
friends are following a similar passion they’ll hop on, it’ll make it more
fun for you and will give them experience.

Henry Macreadie’s company includes:
Gamer Euphoria

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