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Interview with a popular internet marketer selling services on SEOClerks

Interview with a popular internet marketer selling services on SEOClerks

I caught up with Christian who has been using SEOClerks since it started, he claims on his profile that he puts the satisfaction of his work before making money, read on to find out more.  Also check out his profile to see what he offers:


 I will design 3 different professional logo varieties for $7


You’ve done very well on SEOClerks you have about 20 different gigs, what is the secret to your popularity?

Experience. I have been offering SEO and content related services for a few years now and SEOClerks gave me the exact tools needed to properly promote my services. Like the serious professional looking format of the published service and the possibility of “positive reviews” from the clients, which can be extremely effective when it comes to getting future clients.
I also make sure on delivering high quality work to keep my clients happy.



How long have you been in Internet marketing? How does SEOClerks compare to anything else you have tried?

For about 3 years now. Nothing out there really compares with SEOClerks, I had some success with fiverr but my overall all time profits there are under 200 dollars compared with $2270.00 Already Withdrawn on SEOclerks with less then a year activity, even though I’ve been with SEOclerks right from the start.


How important are the gig extras? Are they actually popular and do they really help to increase your revenue?

Very important! I think its one of the best features to have, you can increase your revenues on almost every gig and order, but you need to know how to play this card right if you want to sell the extras and make more.  The “packages” matters a lot.



How long does it normally take you to complete an order? What do you do to ensure that you don’t use too much of your personal time up?

It depends on the order and how many unfinished previous order I have. The jobs that don’t require much time from my part I usually deliver very fast.

Could anyone sell gigs on micro job sites or do you have to have particular skills?

You need the skills. Can’t really offer web design services if you have no idea what web design deals with. The same for SEO and everything else. You need to have the skills, knowledge and experience in what exactly you are offering.

Would you recommend micro-marketplaces to people looking to make some extra cash?

Yes. If you have any skills related to SEO, SMO, content writing, design and general internet marketing skills, SEOclerks is the place at the moment. If you are serious and professional you can get way better deals compared with other marketplaces,.


Do you think the “guaranteed” gigs have helped you to sell more?
It depends on the client, some are impressed by it and some don’t really care or notice. But overall yes, it helps you get that extra clients. Which is great.

Would you say that your experience on micro-job sites has taught you anything new or boosted your experience?

Of course, got a lot of new ideas for future projects as well as big improvements on my skills as well as leaning new ones.

What advice would you give to anyone who was looking to make some extra cash on sites like SEOClerks? How do you get over the “first customer barrier”?  What can people do if they are finding it hard to get their first customer?

It really depends on what you are offering and how good you “sell it”.
Over time I’ve realized that the way you advertise your product is just as important as the product itself, may even more. So if you offer a good deal at a decent price and make it sound “shiny” and professional at the same time it won’t be long until you get the first client.

Although, over all, the sellers needs to have a very good idea on what he is offering and deliver everything he promised and maybe a little more just as a bonus to keep the client coming back for more.
It also helps to offer things that are on demand today, don’t expect to have tons of orders if you offer “myspace friends” for example.


Thanks so much for your time Christian.

Cheers, Cristian.


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Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.