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Interview with Alan Boyce [Chief Operations Officer at Nevermind Games]

Interview with Alan Boyce [Chief Operations Officer at Nevermind Games]

Interview with Alan Boyce [Chief Operations Officer at NeverMind Games]

Alex : Hi, Alan.

Alan : Hi, Alex!

Alex : So, How did you get involved with Nevermind Games?

Alan : NeverMind Games came about as a result of the team getting involved in the Dare To Be Digital competition. James, Mark and myself were all in college together and I had the idea of entering the competition with an idea that eventually became WiiKick. Kevin was in our class in first year but left to get involved in the art and design side of games so it was natural for us to get Kevin involved who in turn brought along Kevin who worked in the team as an animator.

Alex : What time do you start work on an average work day?

Alan : We start every morning at 9.30 and work through till 5.30 but we do on occasion stay later.

Alex : Do you work at home or do you have your own office?

Alan : We all work in an office which is situated in Thurles.

Alex : When do your best ideas come to you?

Alan : My best ideas can come at anytime, I’m constantly thinking of new ideas that I think would make great games or new ideas that might make the projects that we’re currently working on better. Not every idea is a great idea though but just talking with the rest of team we might be able to get something workable from an idea.

Alex : How long did it take to plan out “Solar Sprint” or “TroubleSUM” ?

[Solar Sprint and TrubleSUM are 2 of Nevermind Game’s newest creations! You can buy them both now on windows 8 phone and iPhone.]

Alan : Planning is just one part of every project that we do and it varies on the size of the project. Solar Sprint had quite a short development time (2 months overall, the planning stage took 2 weeks) while TroubleSUM took quite a bit longer.

Alex : How long have you been programming?

Alan : I’ve been programming for 6 years now.

Alex : Do you find yourself working into the night on your games?

Alan : There have been some occasions where we have worked late but never till 2 or 3 in the morning.

Alex : How many staff work for Nevermind Games?

Alan : Currently we have 4 people working here, three programmers and one artist/designer. We do offer internships to college students and graduates and at the moment we currently have a Dutch student doing an internship with us.

Alex : Do you work on solo projects or just with Nevermind Games?

Alan : Just with NeverMind Games.

Alex : Would you prefer to have a bigger HQ than you have now? Or is this one just fine?

Alan : Where we work at the moment is perfect for us.

Alex : What inspires you when you can’t think of any ideas? Or do you ever fall short on ideas?

Alan : As I mentioned earlier I’m always thinking of ideas for new games, but ideas for games can come from anywhere and anytime, from the games that I’m playing at the moment to something I’ve seen on TV that I could turn into a game.

Alex : So that pretty much raps up the whole interview! What advice do you have for Young Web Builders out there?

Alan : Having a good understanding of the code required to do what you need to do is always the first step, once you have that you just need to build on it.

Thanks a million, Alex..

Written by Alex