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Interview with Arnevb Student Seller on

Interview with Arnevb Student Seller on

Arne is a uni student from Belgium studying science languages, he has been on Fiverr for the past 10 months and has racked up consistent sales and averaging 15 active orders each week.


Oliver: What had you been doing before you joined Fiverr?

Arne: I am not graduated (yet) so I actually never had a real ‘job’ before besides building some websites for family, local businesses and online communities. It all started with one website that I made for an online friend. Basically I didn’t know anything about web development yet, but after a few months I learned more and more. One year later I learned to work with the most popular CMS’s and after a few years I started to build complete websites with the latest HTML techniques. That’s when people started to contact me; not only local companies here in Belgium but also online communities searching someone to build their website. I had around one new project per month and I was happy with that, because it was a well-payed job. But still nothing compared to what I make now with Fiverr, haha.


Oliver: When did you join Fiverr and why? Why choose Fiverr to sell your services rather than other sites?

Arne: A friend recommended Fiverr around a year ago. I didn’t join Fiverr because I wanted to sell services, but because I wanted to buy services. There are plenty of talented and creative minds here and why not make use of them for only five bucks? I actually never tried any other website to sell my services, simply because I’m having such a great time here. The other sellers on the Fiverr forums are fantastic and friendly. It’s one of the few communities with members that constantly help each other in a friendly way.


Oliver:  How much time do you spend on Fiverr each week? Is it your only source of income?

Arne: It really depends on the amount of projects I have. There are weeks when I spend over 20- 30 hours and weeks when I work just a few hours. Spending 30 hours per week is impossible during normal school days so I do have to plan a lot. There are still some people contacting me outside Fiverr but that’s a rare occasion. So yes, Fiverr currently is my only source of income. Many people think that it is just $5, but the fact is that you CAN make a lot of money with just five dollars through “gig extras” that go up in increments of $5, for delivering faster (queue jumping) or providing more than the single $5 option. I made over $500 the past month by completing 10 website projects going from animated banners to full websites. I also started with video marketing recently and I already made over $150 with that in just two weeks. As a Belgian student, that is a fair income. While other students of my age work in butchers or bakeries to get some extra money, I just work here on Fiverr  haha. I saw a lot of sellers here offering fake ‘YouTube views’ so I thought there must be a way to give buyers what they really want. And I do, with an average of 15 active orders per week!


Oliver:  How would you say that Fiverr helps you as a student to earn extra money as opposed to working in a local shop perhaps.

Arne:  Unlike other students I’m making money with what I love to do the most: developing websites. I can imagine that waking up early in the morning to go working in a local shop is less comfortable than sitting behind your PC finishing some projects. Plus, you are your own boss. No one is telling you to work from 6am to 9pm or to take a break around 12. That’s a huge benefit. You are under control of your own revenues and you have your money in 2 weeks instead of at the end of the month.


Oliver:  How easy is Fiverr to fit around your -school- work?

Arne:  As a student in Science Languages it is difficult to plan the projects around my schoolwork. Especially during a normal school week I don’t have much time to spend on numerous of hours on web development. Luckily I still do have some spare time to spend on my projects here on fiverr, enough time to work around 3 hours per day. During the exams I do need to take a break and reject all incoming projects, except my YouTube marketing gigs. And of course I also go out with friends and family. During the holidays I have a lot of incoming projects but also plenty of time to finish them.


Oliver:  What have you learnt from your work online that you could not learn in school or university perhaps?

Arne:  I learn by doing – not by studying. Web development has nothing to do with my current studies, however, I am planning to study IT in the future. But that’s the fun part about my work on fiverr. There is no better way to learn something than by actually practising every day again.


Oliver:  How did you find it just starting, how long did it take you to get your first sale? Have you changed anything since you first started?

Arne:  Six months ago I started selling on fiverr. It took just a few days to get my first order and a week to get my second one. Now, 6 months later, I have an average of 2 sales per day and still increasing. I do limit the amount of work I do for just one fiver (=$5) because building a whole website for just 5 dollar is not reasonable. When I just started I worked around 3 hours for just one fiver but now I do charge more: around one gig unit (they’re called gigs) per 30 minutes- 1 hour.


Oliver:  What is the best tip you could give to anyone just starting with Fiverr?

Arne: Take your time to give your buyer the best of the best and never think “it’s just 5 dollar”. Make sure to give your buyers a timely and friendly answer and always stay optimistic. Think about long term gigs and make it stand out with an attractive title, description, image and a video.


Oliver:  You seem to know a lot about HTML5, why should people operating online use HTML5? What can you use it for?

Arne: Nowadays the web is way to static. HTML5 brings your website to life by making it much more interactive and responsive. When you let your visitors discover your product or service in a enjoyable way, the chances of an actual sale will increase. I also see a lot of websites using flash elements. Since 20% of all traffic nowadays comes from mobile users (and a lot of them don’t have flash) it really is important to look out for new HTML5 techniques. These almost have as much possibilities as flash plus they are lighter, mobile friendly and responsive. I hate it when I read ‘you need flash-player to view this’ when visiting a website from my iPad. You can use HTML5 to create interactive banners, animated website elements and more. I regularly have buyers asking to cheer up their website with some HTML5 tricks or to replace flash elements.


Oliver:  Thank you so much for your time Arne, is there anything you would like to say to the reader?

Arne:  If you have a talent, don’t hesitate to join fiverr. Giving it a try could be the start of a very successful career!


Oliver:  Where can people find you?

Arne:  You can find me here on fiverr under the username ‘arnevb’ at You can always send me a message via Fiverr.

Services I offer: 
– HTML(5) web development (cheering up websites, making banners, replacing flash elements and more)
– YouTube video marketing (delivering youtube views)


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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    Great interview! May I have an interview like this? I have a very unique gig on fiverr and an interesting story to share: my dancing gig is still selling well. i used to have a writing gig but it takes time to write so i suspend it. Now I just focus on my dancing gig
    Look forward to hearing from u

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