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Interview with full time Fiverr Girl – Part time model – Kymmypops

Interview with full time Fiverr Girl – Part time model – Kymmypops

The video is quite long, but it’s worth watching because you’ll learn a lot from Katie/”Kymmypops” about how she was a waitress, college dropout and she discovered she had a talent to offer on Fiverr. Now she is a top rated seller and has pulled in several 1000 sales in the last 8 months. Katie even uses her Iphone and you can’t knock the quality!

Fiverr is the site that lets you sell anything for $5, or $10/$20 if you want to add “Gig Extas”.  The services/products are called “Gigs” a bit like Ebay auctions, Fiverr take 20% (Greedy people they are), the seller takes 80% so in essence you get $4 per sale, however you will know if you have read some of my other articles on Fiverr people are selling services or ebooks that they can do in 10 minutes or so, meaning in essence at an hourly rate that is £18/$24.  Although don’t forget the gig extras! As Katie will tell you, people are still saving money buying your services over going to a company.

Katie sells video testimonials, modelling and has sold around 2000+ gigs to date.

Check Katie out!

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Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • Stephen

    Fantastic interview with Katie, Oliver.
    She looks and sounds like an absolute star!