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Interview with Jordan Casey Europe’s Youngest App Developer

Interview with Jordan Casey Europe’s Youngest App Developer

I interviewed the youngest app developer in Europe Jordan Casey 12 years old from Ireland, he has been invited to speak at several app development events this year, in Germany and London, he is friends with Adobe, and Microsoft, he has aspirations to start his own xbox 360 game studio when he is older.


So could you give me a bit of info on how you got started making apps and who you are? 

I’m Jordan, I’m a 12 year old app developer, programmer, speaker and HTML evangelist. I began programming at 9 and in February I developed my first app.I will be speaking at a number events this year.


How important do you think it is to have a range of programming languages that you can use? Do you have any examples of how this may have helped you?  

I think it is quite important, but it makes things incredibly difficult.Because if I want to develop an Android app and iOS app, I have to write them in different languages.Since HTML5 came out, everything will be cross platform. 



How does it feel to be interviewed by Adobe? You also spoke at the Cannes  Lions festival how did these come about?

I was invited to Cannes by a massive advertising company called JWT, to speak at their seminar.I met tons of companies there, like Youtube & Microsoft (Microsoft even gave me a free Lumia 900) and Adobe were there too.They came to my seminar and then interviewed me, and gave me CS6 Master Collection for free, they were really really nice. *



You started making websites at 9. what is the key to having a good website?

The key to have a good website is design and substantial content. You need to have tons of information too.


What is the most important thing to think of when creating a mobile app or website?  

“Would I use it?” There is no point in making a website or an app and wasting all that time if you don’t like, if you don’t like your own content, nobody will


Why is it important for people working on the web to learn programming? 

If you mean being a designer or a blogger, you need to learn programming in my opinion because if you have your own idea & other people don’t like it and won’t program for you, then you can do it yourself.Same goes to a programmer learning design.


Has there been anything that you have changed since you started making games and websites since the age of 9?

Not really, no.I have learned a few more programming languages and I have switched software and computers, but despite a better grammar knowledge, nothing really.*


How much time do you spend programming, and learning new things?

I program for like an hour a day, learning new things, I do that a lot.First I come up with an idea and then I Google how to do it, then I do it. (Developer tip: Google is your best friend) > >


How did you find out how to make apps?

I read tutorials, books and watched videos.I also took advice from people.


Have you learnt anything from all of the press attention you have had?

I have learned that it is hard and really tiring with all the press…But also, massive fun!


How important is it to have a website if you produce games/apps/software?

It is very important to have a website because if people want to contact you or see your games, a website is the hub for everything.


What is the biggest challenge in making apps?

Coming up with ideas, you need to be creative.Writing code is nothing if you have nothing to use it on.


Do you ever find that you get fed up of trying to learn a new language, or trying to learn how to design logo’s etc..?

Yes, sometimes I feel as though I’m writing it write and I check and it doesn’t work and I got really fed up and just turn off my computer and try to stop thinking about it.I hate designing, I’m bad at it, it’s the most boring process ever.


Why should people your age try out making games and apps? 

Because, it would be a fun hobby if you don’t like sports & who knows, maybe you could be speaking at Cannes next.  It’s also a great time to start now if you plan on working in the game industry in the future.


Can anyone make an app? Or flash game? What if you hate programming?  If you hate programming there are a few alternatives out there (Game Maker, etc.) but it’s best to learn programming, because with Game Maker  there is some restrictions, but if you write the code yourself you can do anything.


You’ve been learning as3, obviously people know it for flash games, but is that all that it is really for? Is it even beneficial to learn AS3? For those that are not familiar what is it?

It is very beneficial for learning AS3.  Not just for Flash games, but you can build your AS3 projects into Android, iOS, Windows, Mac & Blackberry and you just have to write it once. 


Any words for the audience?  

If you want more info on me you can Tweet me: @Caseygames or read my website, you can Tweet me any questions you may have and keep reading Young Web Builder.  Thank You


Thanks so much for your time Jordan!

Thank You so much for interviewing me!

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • Lucky

    This is good. It goes to show what we as individuals can do irrespective of age when we get passionate about anything.