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Interview with YouTube producer Oliver Beeck

Interview with YouTube producer Oliver Beeck

Today I spoke to Oliver Beeck, well I must start by saying great name!  I’m in Bold, Olli’s answers are not in bold to avoid confusion.

Olli started on YouTube in September 2012 and has amassed 1k organic subscribers, 88 videos and 260,181 views.  I spoke to Olli about how he found it getting started, his thoughts and aspirations and tips he would suggest to the budding YouTuber.





Oliver:  So can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Olli: Well my name is Oliver and I run the YouTube channel ChannelOlli. I make high quality gaming guides, I have a weekly show where I showcase an awesome Easter egg in the latest game releases.  On Saturday I do my weekly vlog where I update my audience on what is happening and on Sunday I do a subscriber spotlight where one of my subscribers can upload a video on my channel.

This way there is some cross promotion going on. On a personal note, I’m 17 years old and really interested in social media, video making, community interaction, games and web design!  You could say I’m a digital native.


Oliver:  You mentioned on your YouTube channel that it took you quite a while to get started, but you’ve now reached 1,000 organic subscribers what changed?

Olli: The start is the hardest part. I like the way it is going right now because January is a terrible month to build an audience due to people going to back to work or school. The channel got big thanks to a video I made that went semi viral. It was a guide on how to save a main character in black ops 2. This video has about 130.000 views right now and it really contributed to the growth of the channel. Now that I reached my new goal I must say that I’m really excited and I can’t wait to get a bigger audience!


Oliver:  Is it so important to you to build your following organically rather than boosting it with “fake” or “bought” views/subscribers?

Olli: Well fake views contribute nothing to your channel. I see people who have 50.000 subscribers and their new videos get 100 views. This is a clear sign this person “botted” his channel with bots. Dead subscribers do nothing.

It’s just a number. Advertisers and networks will actually judge your channel on the interaction of your subscribers. What’s the percentage of people clicking your videos subscriber wise. I don’t think its a good idea to buy views or subs because they just make your channel look silly.

Stay real and dedicated and you will get there!


Oliver:  What made you decide to record games rather than just playing them?

Olli: I want to teach my audience something, I have been helping my friends with games all my life so. I thought, why not branch out and help everybody? This really motivated me and I decided I was going to record those guides. The response was great and I love reading all the comments.  It makes my day when somebody posts like, thank you so much for this guide I had no clue what to do but you made me enjoy this game again! Stuff like that really makes my day and keeps me motivated!


Oliver:  Have you made any money from YouTube so far?

Olli: I have made some money because I am with a network and I monetize my content but it’s not a high number and I don’t put it in my pockets. I give back to the community. I buy a new microphone, a webcam. I do giveaways,.. Im not in it for the money. I invest my earnings back in the channel to make the channel even better. My audience gets my money because all the giveaways and such are expensive but I don’t mind doing them!



 Oliver:  You have a great YouTube background and you seem to have branded yourself well with a Logo and everything, how did you manage all of this and how important do you think it is to set yourself apart with your own Distinguishable brand?

Olli: Well I have been designing since I was 11 years old so you could say I’m pretty familiar with web-design, I think a good and catchy design is really important to building an audience, You want to be a brand on YouTube, people have to know who you are because without a brand people will forget about you.  


Oliver:  What have you learnt since you first started?

Olli: I learnt that it is really important to interact with your audience and also that promoting is the key.  If you don’t have 100.000 subscribers you have to promote daily to get your name out there.


Oliver: Do you ever lose motivation to make videos? What do you do to combat this?

Olli: I have lost motivation, when there are days where you barely get views or new subs it gets depressing. Usually going through older comments gets me motivated again because I know there are atleast some viewers out there who are really waiting to see more content. That is a big motivation for me, I don’t want to let them down.


Oliver:  What advice would you give to anyone else that wanted to get started with their own YouTube channel? Or people your own age perhaps?

Olli: Well I have been designing since I was 11 years old so you could say I’m pretty familiar with web design.

I think a good and catchy design is really important for building an audience and redirecting them to your new videos or a subscribe button. You want to be a brand on YouTube, people have to know who you are because if you aren’t a brand, people will forget about you. You want to make sure people instantly recognize your channel from your thumbnails  for example. This way they will see your channel everywhere. I like to spread my channel all over the web so that people are like, wow you are on this forum too? I am your biggest fan Olli! It really helps in terms of branding and interaction with your audience.


Oliver:  You mentioned on your twitter that Square Enix gave you a review copy of one of their games to review on your channel, what advice would you give to anyone that was looking to review games or maybe even other types of products on their YouTube from big companies?

Olli:  You have to have the balls to contact them. I contacted other companies and they never responded so I gave up. Then I decided to grow some balls and message sleeping dogs on Facebook.

After a 5min chat they decided to post my video on their Facebook page and twitter page. In total you reach 200.000 possible viewers. You just have to grow some balls, talk to them, be professional, be polite and explain them your channel and you should receive product X or Y.  I chatted some more, told the PR manager to check out my YouTube channel; he forwarded it to his manager and he decided to give me review copies because he likes the direction my channel is heading. You just have to be there.

Give them a reason why they should work with you.   If you have a targeted market they will want to reach that market and want people with influence to promote their products (i.e. Youtubers).


Oliver:  Thank you so much for your time Olli, is there anything you would like to say to the audience before you go?

Olli: Find a niche. If you start a channel with Minecraft and black ops 2 commentaries you will not get an audience. It is overdone and saturated. Be unique and start off as a brand, have a good mic, a good concept, record in 1080P and promote everywhere. Those are some simple steps that everybody should follow in order to build a successful YouTube channel!


Oliver:  Thanks so much Olli

Olli: No problem at all. If you want to see more of me then come check out my channel over at ChannelOlli on YouTube. I answer all questions you have and you can expect some great content!

Thank you for reading this and I hope you learned something!


Go check Olli out at his channel



Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • Josh

    Great interview, great advice to anyone starting out! Oliver interviewing Oliver lol

    I don’t agree with your statement that Minecraft is a saturated market, I have half-heartedly attempted at doing a few minecraft videos on Youtube to quite a lot of success! and I feel like I could easily build a nice community if I chose too.

    • Oliver

      Depends where you are looking at. I’m active on a youtube forum and 8/10 youtubers there do minecraft videos. 75% of them don’t get more than 100 views on their videos. :(

  • Luke W. [Talooka]

    Thanks for all the tips, I’m bookmarking this and coming back to this every now and then for a quick review.