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Introduction To Actionscript 2.0 Game Development

Introduction To Actionscript 2.0 Game Development
Written by Jordan

Jordan Casey is a 12 year old programmer, Founder, entrepreneur and designer.He has been programming and blogging since the age of 9.He is now an app developer and in fact, Europe's youngest.He has been featured on TV, Radio, newspapers and magazines across Ireland and even The New York Times.He has spoken at the biggest creativity festival in the world, Cannes Lions.Where he met the creator and CEO of Twitter, president of MTV, Microsoft, YouTube and was even interviewed by Adobe.

  • TheOne

    I’d be more interested in AS3.0. But this will do for the time. :)

    • Jordan

      Hello(author of post here), I would also prefer AS3, but you need to know AS2 if you want to get anywhere in AS3.Stay tuned for more.