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Investment Proposition : Invest in Keynesian Economics with Young Web Builder

Investment Proposition : Invest in Keynesian Economics with Young Web Builder

John Maynard Keynes

I was asked some time ago what I thought the difference was between projects like Young Web Builder and other enterprise based projects.

It made sit back and think really hard about what we are attempting to do here.

Young Web Builder and projects like Technician In a Box, Majesty Security and others are based on principles of keynesian economics.

1. Imagination and Optimism.
2. High animal spirits
3. Identifying new markets, new skills, new products, new business models rather than accepting those that are dying or low performing.
4. Taking time to nurture talent, rather than dismiss the nurturing process and then wonder why our youth are only following on behind the older generation, not leading it, like in the Far East and to some extent America.

Where else for imagination and optimism I thought than the youth of Shepway?

With a stagnating, idling, atrophic, diversive, regressive economy, where else to turn but to the spirit of youth and to keynsian economics to enable people to thrust forward, rather than to die in anticipation.

There are investors out there, there are investment conferences. But how many are looking to make more than a fast buck? How many are able to align the responsibility to have a hand in regenerating our economy with the self interest they so desperately crave?

How many are able to see beyond low performing, obvious business models of the past and to consider the potential of our youth relative to the Internet?

We are all on this planet for a very, very short time. Whether we be kings or naives, able or disabled, matters not.

If we don’t follow keynesian economics we are running and hiding and learning to be hopeless, rather than forging forward like the knights we once were. If we don’t grasp the opportunities afforded by the Internet to do something more than to speak to our friends on Facebook or Twitter about last nights episode of Eastenders, then we are basically sticking our heads in the sand whilst other nations take the initiative to build multi billion dollar industries on-line.

Developing business on-line is much much more than setting up an on-line store, selling on Ebay or advertising a business to capture new leads.

So I say, if you are loyal to this nation and its youth. If you can still love after many battles in business. If you want to do something to stimulate growth by stimulating attitudes toward growth, then drop me an email at or call me on Folkestone 01303-265318.

Kind Regards

PS. People will say that it was Keynesian Economics that got the global economy into the mess that it is in today.  But I would argue that what got us into this mess was misplaced loyalty and not applying sound economic judgement to our investment decision making.

Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.