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Is your website mobile-friendly?

Is your website mobile-friendly?

The rising popularity of mobile devices (especially smartphones and tablets) cannot be understated.
A website that is not ‘mobile-friendly’ will get no where in 2015.

The facts

I will not go into any great length into the statistics of mobile usage, but the facts are mind-blowing. For example, eMarketer (2014) estimated that in 2015 the number of smartphone users will pass the two billion mark; with many users owning multiple devices, (incidentally this figure does not include the number of tablets).

This increase (from an estimated 1.75 billion in 2014) is best represented in developing regions of Africa and Asia. India is emerging as a large market; with 2014 seeing a dramatic increase in mobile advertising and sales. The full scale of its potential cannot be readily calculated.

In comparison, the number of computers sold in ‘developed’ countries is falling, with many consumers preferring to use mobile technology.

The number of company website designs optimised for mobile devices is in stark contrast small. A report by eConsultancy in 2013, discovered that only 25% of brands had a mobile strategy in place.

Is your website optimised for mobile? Is it responsive to different screen resolutions?

Responsive checker

Working in partnership with Elvin Mobile Marketing we have developed a free responsive checker. Simply enter the website’s URL you wish to check. Your webpage will then be displayed in a variety of common resolutions.

Click here to access the checker.

If you have any questions on how to use the checker, or require tips and advice on how to better optimise your website for mobile devices, please comment below, or alternatively email us.

For more tools and information please visit:
Elvin Mobile Marketing specialises in the research and development of mobile marketing strategies, including app development and design.
They offer professional advice and critique, ensuring that a company’s product is marketed out there with the latest techniques; and that their clients get the best possible user experience.


Written by Josh

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