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Is your website out of date? Hottest design trends to take note of in 2013

Is your website out of date? Hottest design trends to take note of in 2013

The internet has changed dramatically throughout the past few decades and so have websites. This report will give a brief insight into what web designers of today should be aiming to include in there websites. I mean, lets face it who likes to go to a webpage where it’s all static HTML and no effects what-so-ever?

It’s important to remember that every designer has there own unique way of designing, however it’s important to take note and take what you feel is necessary from this article.

Responsive Layouts

You could think of this more as a uniform template. Where the goal is to simply have one set of code that caters for every screen that will be viewing your webpage. An example can be seen above, where the site is compatible on every screen resolution.


The big idea here is to think about website design as a single canvas which is dynamic and fluid by nature.  CSS3 allows developers to customize layouts based on the screen size. Use this to your advantage and take a look at how some other developers are using this technique!




Large Photographic backgrounds

I, myself, am very fond of websites that use large photographic backgrounds like the one above. I find it pleasing on the eyes. Especially when this technique is blended into your layout, it can your site the major edge in marketing.




Minimalist Landing Pages

PictoPro website icons buy set vectors


Creating a landing page for your website is all about capturing new leads for your product or service. New trends are following this idea. When attempting to create your own landing page it is vital that everything is kept simple and on focus to your target product.

Also, landing pages can come in handy for SEO and keyword stuffing. For example, if you have a site that isn’t very SEO friendly, you can apply all your SEO into your landing pages.



Vertical Navigation Menus

Riot Industries vertical navigation menu links website layout


In total honesty every page you visit now a days always has the navigation in the traditional place, in the top. It seems the new trend for 2013 is to have a vertical navigation on the side of your site. Online it is all about standing out and being unique to get noticed, creating a design different from the rest will help you achieve this.




Circular Design elements

Lucia Soto freelance design portfolio circular website designs


The trend of circles on websites have increased dramatically and has been given a lot of attention recently. Most designers tend to like circles as they’re neat, clean and generally fit into any layout. When using circles you can create effective patterns and share buttons etc. Not to mention, it also gets away from the standard “boxy” effect of the average web page.




Embed the social experience in your site


Another thing that seems to popping up all over the web at the moment is the social-craze. Websites are often embedding there social profiles (Such as: Facebook, twitter, g+ etc.) into there website. This be great on many levels, for a portfolio is can send people over to your page; for business’ it can gain social interaction with there customers and offer more publicity.

I think that just about rounds up the trends in websites for 2013. However, there is one more selection of things I want to mention about and that’s CSS3. CSS3 is rather new and bring in effects that you can easy include into your webpage to make it appear more attractive and interactive. If you’re unsure as to what CSS3 is all about, I advise you take a look by clicking here



Written by Reece

I'm a young web designer from the UK. I'm 15 years old and enjoy spending my free time on the internet writing reports, coding, designing and chilling out with friends.