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It starts with a cause series 1, episode 2

It starts with a cause series 1, episode 2

Well its been a few weeks since my first Blog (1 comment, great start…), so whilst I have a few precious minutes thought id stir something up….

We all know that the current state of affairs in the UK (no matter what the figures show) are pretty bleak for young people! Youth unemployment is still a massive issue both here and in Europe and to me it looks less likely that the causes impacting on youth unemployment are not going to go away (we all know what they are, so not going to bore you!!!)

Did you know for example that there are 3.5 million businesses in the UK, and did you realise that if only a third of these businesses took on 1 young person either as an apprentice or trainee youth unemployment would be eradicated, simple idea really so what’s the problem?

To be honest i could spend all day going on and on and on about what I think the problems are – economy, work availability and choice, total disconnection between government think tanks, education and business etc…However in my life I don’t see a problem only a solution and to me the solution is simple…

Connecting to the cause….

Young people standing up, together as a progressive movement and shouting about ‘their right as a member of our society to WORK’. I’m not talking about mass riots or societal disruption (lets face it, that sort of stuff never gets you anywhere, well other than a potential criminal record, which will haunt you for the rest of your life….and i know!) I am talking about positive collectiveness where constructive debate and action can be taken…a rising group of young people from all walks of life, backgrounds and abilities who no longer accept that their fate and future can be guaranteed by those who make long term decisions (politicians, business leaders, education environments, local authorities e….t….c….) which fundamentally impact on their future.

So what can young people do….Well in my mind it starts with connecting to a cause and starting or supporting a campaign such as Million Jobs or Young Web Builder, social platforms where energy can be built, experiences shared and ideas provide solutions to the youth unemployment crisis in the UK.

Look at the time…better get on with some work then – for those of you interested enough to read my blogs I happen to manage work, learning and young persons services for a company in the North East of England, where our cause is to ‘do our bit to eradicate youth unemployment by connecting and inspiring young people that work should be a given’

Until next time……….

Written by Tyler