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It starts with a Cause

It starts with a Cause

So I’m sat at my desk, its 6.30am on the 8th January, coffee in hand,
pondering over 2012 and somewhat excited about what 2013 will
My name is Tyler, and for my sins I head up work, learning and
skills services for young people in Sunderland. This year I thought i’d do something a little different and publically share (via a good blog) what goes on in the day to day, ‘cause’ driven life of ME!
Cause driven I hear you say? Well i’ll come onto that in future blogs, for now though I’ll share this…
In 2013 as in 2012 it’s my mission, my teams mission and my services mission to eradicate YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT in
the UK…. a big ask I guess but something has to change and something needs to be done, it’s my duty after-all as a member of society and as a father to ensure the future remains bright and secure for the generations who precede me and my daughter….more to follow on this, for now I’d better get on with doing some work, happy new year and I look forward to letting you into the deep dark secrets of what’s its really like out there….

Written by Tyler

  • Stephen

    Fantastic Tyler, We should all join forces to remove the scourge of youth unemployment.
    Best wishes

  • Tyler

    Indeed Stephen, with the state of the economy and not looking likely to change in a while we all have to come together as one, raise awareness and do something about it. I’m hoping this year to run a number of pre employment programmes, as well as offer apprenticeships in gentoo….I’ll talk more about that on my blog…

    All the best