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Its a myth that Young Job Seekers in the UK don’t want to Work!

Its a myth that Young Job Seekers in the UK don’t want to Work!

So, I’m sitting at work doing my thing and the BBC radio presenter Jeremy Vine is interviewing some know-it-all guy who is basically spreading the myth that young people in the UK don’t want to work, that there are jobs falling off roofs everywhere and that Polish people are taking those jobs because little Johnny doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

So, I start realizing that this guy is making sweeping generalizations!

Its true to a certain extent, but he can no way say that his statement represents the vast majority of young job seekers in this country.

Its true that a small number of your friends can’t get off their arse to get out and look for a job, but the vast majority of young people are busily trying to build a career, or at least find a job.

Lets take a look at some of the different kinds of things young people are about in the UK and you will see the evidence right there. You will see how its a myth that the vast majority of Young Job Seekers in the UK Don’t want to Work!

1. The vast majority of young people are attempting to develop a bright future by attending, school, college or university.

2. Some job seekers are trying to learn how to not rely on the UK Government by starting their own business. That’s what is all about.

3. A significant percentage of young job seekers have grown up in relative poverty and had a hard time living under difficult circumstances with their parents. They basically haven’t grown up with positive role models and many have grown up in families who have never worked for generations. Yet so many of these young people have hopes and aspirations to work like most people, but they need more help than most to think stuff out and the right consistent support to take them forward in their chosen careers.
4. A smaller percentage have been in trouble with the law, creating barriers to their progress which in a society that still chooses to discriminate heavily against them, knocks them back at every turn.
5. A significant percentage of young people are coping with mental health related problems or physical difficulties, yet how many of these people you know like to waste their life away in poverty and depression? Very few I bet!
6. Many of the businesses who are reaching out to young job seekers are looking to develop a case which is effectively exploiting young people. Young job seekers hate to feel exploited because they know it will ultimately damage their confidence and make it harder for them to get a job in the future.

But it would seem that foreign people coming into the country aren’t that choosy and don’t mind being exploited, but that doesn’t seem like a sufficiently good reason to use this line as a stick to whip the young job seekers in the UK.

Ok, there is a lot of people who get benefits because they had babies when they were young and got split up with the fathers. There are young people who are drug addicts, some criminals the like but to say that the majority of young job seekers are basically lazy arse gamers is a terribly negative, ignorant and frankly discriminatory thing.

So, I’d say before people go using generalizations about young job seekers, they should take the time to really understand the people they are attacking and then maybe they might either shut their mouth or say something better than “If polish people can do it – young job seekers can do!”

Where the hell do they get these radio guests from anyway?


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.

  • The Mikeffect

    I think a lot of media people pull crap out of their butt to talk about, to be honest. And others make crap up.

    This is why I don’t watch TV and despise sites like Yahoo and MSN.

  • Xyphien

    Media always makes everything seem worse than it is. I do not know many people who do not “Don’t want to work” because everything you make money for is considered work, no matter how fun, or boring it is. Saying that all young people do not want to work no matter what country you live is idiotic in my opinion.

  • Beverly

    There are so many really good, legitimate ways to earn money, not just online but offline with a personal service business. Any young person can easily start a business, with the right tools and knowledge. And, even support that business (in it’s infancy) by maintaining a part time or lower paying job. That will allow enough initial money to fund the business and pay for personal expenses without sacrificing the chance to own a business.

  • Josh M-J

    A great article Stephen! I couldn’t agree more! Young people are some of the most work-ready and enthusiastic people alive! Its a complete myth influenced by the ageing and tiresome tabloid newspapers!