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Make money with ebooks

Make money with ebooks

The old Ebook, once popular slowly died and now popular once again!  Let’s go through this shall we.


Ebooks started appearing on our screens in the late 90’s when US libraries offered free ebooks on their websites.    Commonly provided now in PDF format, over the past 10 years and still today.  You could find an Ebook from the early 2000’s and still open it now the format is still supported and has now moved onto multiple platforms.

Ebooks got massive in the early 2000’s, people were paying for oodles of ebooks that promise certain “secret” tips perhaps, often for money making online, marketing, SEO etc..  Ebook selling sites popped up all over the internet, people even sold them on Ebay or on their own personal websites.  There was a bit of a dip towards the end of the 2000’s with people being able to access content more easily and freely with the introduction to social media, YouTube tutorials, apps etc..  However with the introduction to “Ebook Readers” such as the Sony e-reader etc.. Tablet and Smartphone compability, ebooks are once again cool.  People don’t spend so much money on ebooks as in the early 2000’s when people were trying to learn about the internet and making money online, however a free ebook is often much more effective to build a targeted list, with a squeeze page.


Ebooks can now be positioned on the amazon book store, multiple “e-reader” stores, they don’t even have to be stories, absolutely not, although you’ll want to check on the requirements for the ebooks on some platforms.  Ebooks can now be displayed on tablets and smartphones, they can even be implemented within apps, they can also be sold additionally through mobile apps.  One of the best and most effective ways, however not so much “unique”, is to hook an ebook(s) up with a newsletter opt-in.   Ebooks don’t particularly sell as much as they used to, people doubt their relevancy, so many ebooks are outdated and get re-used and re-sold and their quality dampens.


Making your ebooks trust-worthy.

As I mentioned before, there are so many ebooks now that people often don’t trust them, people don’t want to invest their time/money in something that is no longer relevant, or has been used and re-used too many times.     You want to create a quality ebook cover, perhaps include a date of release in it, your name to add credibility, your brand colours if relevant.

Make the ebook appealing and something which people feel they HAVE to get.  For example: 


Popular types of ebook:

How to make money online

Relationship advice

Career advice

Business advice

Tips to multiplayer-gaming

Tips and tricks for tech/software/hardware



You can pay people to write ebooks for you, you could also pay for PLR ebooks (public label rights), e.g. rights to sell, however these ebooks could be old and poor quality.  You are best to try to write them yourself.


Good luck with your ebooks!










Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • Prawin kumar

    You are right that ebooks have again got popularity but many sites trick visitors to get their email by offering them some free ebooks on signup and when those visitors find the ebook quite useless it reduces the creditablity of those ebooks. By saying tips i dont mean that all sites do this rouge practice. Some sites really offer very helpful free ebooks.