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Making a living from your computer skills

Making a living from your computer skills

Did you spend most of your life attached to some kind of computer?  To be honest now days you cannot really avoid it.  

Maybe you can do some or all of the following:
1. Build, install or repair PC’s

2. Maybe you know a lot more than your neighbour about Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint or just generally how to use Windows

3. Maybe you are good at writing and know how to get your words printed out in a professional way

4. Maybe you learned how to install your home broadband router and were successful and used the support line to work all the problems out

5. Perhaps you went into your local PC World and bought PC cleaning materials before and cleaned all the computers in the house in a professional way

6. Maybe you are a pro at using Twitter and Facebook

7. Perhaps you used Free online tools to speed up your computer

8. Can you use a camera and have some experience of making videos and promoting them on Youtube?

9. Do you manipulate photos or create images in photoshop?

10. Any experience of making websites and using HTML?
Whatever it is you are proficient at on the computer, the idea is to take that skill or skills and start earning cash from them within the next 30 minutes.


Here is an example:
Milly was a student at the local art college. She could draw and she knew how to import her drawings into photoshop and manipulate them with colours and add extra images. But Milly didn’t have a part time job, so she did not have a way of making some extra money whilst studying.
One day Milly was sitting in the local cafe and on the wall to the right of her was a signboard and on that signboard were hundreds of business cards. Milly looked at the cards and saw that most of the cards didn’t have any logos on and the ones that did were extremely poorly designed. Milly noted down all the email addresses and names of the people on the cards. When she got home she sent a nice email explaining she was an art student and that she could make them a fantastic logo to all of the people on the cards. Out of 30 cards, she got 10 replies and out of the 10 replies she got 5 interviews with the business manager,
Long and short of it was that Milly was asked to create logos for 4 of the companies that interviewed her, making her £400 (she charged £100 per logo).
What is more she was offered a student placement by one the companies.

Now, not everyone has Milly’s particular skillset, but if you look at what it is you can offer and hold that in your mind and start looking around for opportunities to make some cash, you will find them.


Need i go on?

If you have a computer skill or maybe multiple computer skills, then you are leaving money on the table.
If you don’t have computer skills, it really doesn’t matter because like Doug, you still can earn cash anyway. So start thinking about what computer skills you can offer and how you can start earning cash from them today!


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Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.