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McDonalds – your own business or both?

McDonalds – your own business or both?

Are you considering a part-time job this summer?

A clothes shop, A supermarket?  A phone shop?  It is great to have the freedom of your own money that you earn’t yourself.

Now which is better?  A job at Mcdonnalds, or working for yourself?


Well there’s only one way to find out:




So, we may not all want to work in McDonnald’s as our first choice but if you want to make some money over the summer, your probably after anything that pays, now if you are unable to find a part-time job, it is in-fact possible that you could make money building websites or running your own small business.  Ideas are for example:

Why stop at the summer though, you may have extra time to get you started over the summer but that does not mean you have to stop, there are plenty of people in college, school, Uni, running blogs, their own websites.  Now you can do it in your own time, there is nothing saying how much time you have to put in, but once you start getting something back you will be so pleased you did!

Summer jobs — it is money, but could it be more?



In a down economy, students have a tough time finding even minimum wage jobs. So why not just start a business instead?


“You don’t have to work for McDonald’s wages, you don’t have to work at a record store. You can start a business and build something that you love,” says Julie Kantor with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.



The summer is a great time to start working on something that you enjoy, although there’s no right or wrong time to start a web-business, if you’ve got any time off it’s a great time to network with other web-builders, get support and share your knowledge in our forum.

Our advice is whatever you feel happy with, although both can benefit you for each other, you will learn skills that you wont in the other, however to do well in business you need to understand what it is like working for other people too read more here.


More reasons why you should start a web business: Here.



Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.