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Mistakes to avoid in setting goals..

Mistakes to avoid in setting goals..

Mistakes to avoid in new year’s resolutions

Every year many of us will start a resolution, some will make it past the first day, some.. yes some even past the first week, the few stragglers past the first fortnight and the strong and hardy who survive the month and what lies beyond..

Goalsetting has the potential to be extremely powerful, goalsetting could help you achieve your own regular income from your own business, your own home or car.. Who doesn’t like the satisfaction of completing a goal? Whether it be an intentional goal or not?  We’ve all felt the satisfaction of getting past that really difficult level in a game..  Goals are everywhere in life, not just in work or education and not just for boring stuff.   Imagine how boring your life would be if you only ever set work related goals?
What are the mistakes to avoid in goal setting?


  • Set your own goals
    • You shouldn’t always try to achieve someone elses goal, to complete a goal you need to have your own personal desire and motivation to do so.  If it’s not a goal you want to pursue it’s a wasted effort.
  • Breakdown goals into achievable milestones
    • Many people will set unachievable goals that can never be reached or that we don’t have the motivation to reach, by all means have long term goals… These are what keep us going in the long term, but we need short term goals to keep our motivation and spirits high, small victories help us to keep going strong!
  • Goal setting is not about the end result, it’s about the pursuit
    • People don’t take action towards their goals.  They allow themselves get distracted by “in the moment” things (playing computer game you got for Christmas
    • Don’t set “wishful goals” always set goals that you believe you can achieve… You must be able to believe you have the potential to “do it”.


Change what you’re doing wrong…

Far too many people fail at their new year resolutions because of the above reasons, but it’s not just what they are doing wrong but the fact that they don’t change what they are doing wrong.  If something isn’t working then it needs to be changed for you to progress.


Next we will talk about how to choose the best goals for goal setting success…


What are your goal setting tips and mistakes to avoid?  Learnt the hard way?  Share in the comments below…

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.