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My Fiverr Experience – Diariles

My Fiverr Experience – Diariles

My Fiverr name (for it is not my real one) is Michelle.  Once upon a time, when I first started making videos over two years ago, I tried to use different names for every video.  That idea was short lived, and I have since adapted Michelle for every video I do unless my buyers specify otherwise.  You see, on, I am most renowned for my video testimonials.

The main reason I am on Fiverr is because it fits so easily into my schedule.  Working online, I can do gigs whenever I have the time to – even if that’s at three o’clock in the morning.  As an actor in real life, it allows me the freedom to go to any spur-of-the-moment auditions and take as much time off as I like for shoots, vacations, etc.  I also go to school full-time.  Between acting, college, marriage, and friends – plus some “me” time every now and again – I am allowed all the flexibility I need with my schedule while working on Fiverr.  That was something that I found particularly problematic in attaining when working a “normal” job, so to speak.

I have no job outside of Fiverr.  I used to (and I would often have to give up an entire day off to get through my Fiverr gigs when I did both), but I quit just before pursuing my degree full-time.  I don’t make enough to live on my own via Fiverr, but it’s a fantastic supplemental income to my husband’s job.  I only know of a few sellers (two that come to mind) who are able to make survivable incomes through the website alone.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Fiverr, I suggest searching Fiverr to see what gigs are already around.  The reason I’ve been so successful on the website is because I found a market that no one else, or very few other people, had tapped into at the time – video marketing.  I was one of the first people to offer video testimonials on Fiverr.  It got me featured on the website, which has tremendously impacted the amount of orders I receive.  The most important thing to do on Fiverr is to create something unique – or mostly unique.  If you can do that, you can monopolize the market until other people start copying you, at which point you’ll already be established (and hopefully featured).

I was introduced to Fiverr through my best friend, and I’ve since turned several other people I know onto it.  While I would never suggest for anyone to take up Fiverr in place of their day job, if you’re looking for a legitimate website to make a few extra bucks, $4 per sale adds up quite nicely!


Written by Diariles of

Written by Diariles

  • Angie

    I have always thought about using fiverr. I have heard that many people do like it and if it is an easy way to make some extra dough, then I am all for it.

  • Patrick

    I have had a look through Fiverr a couple times, but nothing really stood out to me as being useful to me and the sections that the have do not really fit into my expertise. Do they allow you to create gigs under a Misc category or Uncategorized?

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