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Never be afraid to take on the Dragons!

Never be afraid to take on the Dragons!

I remember sitting in an office in London with two multi millionaires selling my software company in 1999.

One of the guys was my backer and the other was the buyer, both strangely enough were South Africans, the place I grew up in all those years before.

This time was a time that seemed to sum up my whole life. A time I would look back on fondly years later and a time that has always seemed to remind me of what I had become.

As a child I was always a keen football striker and I loved to tackle and score as many goals as possible which ever country I lived in at the time.

It didn’t matter whether I was playing zulu’s maoiri’s, afrikaaners or guys from manchester, football was the same everywhere and the game was to tackle as many opponents and score as many goals as possible.

The more goals I scored, the more people seemed to like me and the more I was accepted where ever I went.

It could even get you scouted, which it did on one particular occasion.

This was me… A guy with a history of bad asthma attacks and convulsions from an early age playing football and scoring for Africa (so too speak)!

So, to me, it was kind of like that in business.

To me, it didn’t matter whether my goals were to sell a software licence to a consumer or sell a software business to millionaires. You choose the target, you aim and you score! The only thing to consider is how big the target you want to hit!

To me, it’s no good standing on the sidelines watching other people play the game. No good in defence stopping the ball going in or being in mid field supporting the strikers.

You need to be up front!

You need to be in the middle of the action and you need to score as many goals as you can, regardless of who you are playing against.

Never be afraid of playing the big guys at their own game!

Get up front, score goals and stay there and blinking well enjoy yourself along the way,

All the best,


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.